4 Question Interview With Simon Bright Of HASHRA

4 Question Interview With Simon Bright Of HASHRA

If you’ve hung around the world of altcoins at all, you’ve probably heard an irrationally exuberant altcoin enthusiast claim his coin was heading ‘to the moon.’

The thing is, for miners, there’s no landing on the Moon unless a whole lot of coins have been found. In 2014, that means using a high-powered ASIC rig that makes mining rigs of the past look as outdated as pagers. (If you’re too young to remember pagers, do a quick Google search.)

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Hashra’s new Lunar Landing products offer miners a choice of 15MHz mining rigs all the way up to 90Mhz.

Further, you can extend the configuration of your rig by adding an Apollo Upgrade Module which will add another 15MHz of mining power to your rig. That’s enough mining power to make you the envy of your peers and the talk of the town!

We decide to check with Simon Bright, the founder of HASHRA and ask him about the Lunar Landing Series in 4 question.

This is the third in our series of 4 Questions Interviews with the people who make up the alternative cryptocurrency universe. If you know someone who would be a great interview, please feel free to contact us and recommend them.

Please tell us all a little about your company

So it was founded by me “Simon Bright”, towards the end of 2013. I had dabbled myself in a bit of mining but trying to get hold of hardware that could give an ROI led me all the way to China, I started off just getting some hardware for some friends and then it wasn’t long till I realized there was a service needed out there and Hashra was born.

The company was founded in London but it soon came clear we needed a base here in China too. We have an office in Hong Kong and also a distribution facility in Shenzhen, China.

You recently released a new line of mining rigs. Could you tell us more about them?

The opportunity came up to partner with a chip manufacturer in China and really that was our plan the whole time to have our own hardware, to no longer be a reseller but to be able to control more of the process and what we sold.

We were kind of fed up with most mining hardware out there being really complicated and hard to set up, there really is no need for it. We have always produced our own firmware for the miners that we sold and always put an effort into making sure it is as easy to use as possible as well as giving all the needed advanced features.

Now we are also producing the hardware swell as the firmware we think we can create the complete package.

We will create complete plug and play mining.

What are the benefits of using your products?

As we have a base in China where our products are manufactured we should always be able to keep costs as low as possible for ourselves and our customers. Also as we ship direct to customers this again helps keep costs down that we can pass onto our customers.

We wanted to create something that was very easy to use to be able to expand and build upon,

With the Lunar Lander you can start off with 15MH but you can easily expand upon that in the future with an Apollo Module that will give you an extra 15MH, this is a simple module board that can be plugged into the miner.

Or if you want to go even bigger then you can just keep on adding more Lunar Landers. The Lunar Lander Warp 2 has 30MH so 10 of these stacked up would give you 300MH.

We are already developing our next generation of miners and these will be able to work side by side with our current Lunar Landers too.

What else would you like to add about your company and/or products?

Our main focus at HASHRA is to bring Crypto mining more into the mainstream by producing machines that do not cost a fortune and are super easy to use.

We also want to be as transparent as possible as a company with our customers too. There have been way too many horror stories in this business and we really want to put an end to all that.

We are also very proud of the level of service we offer our customers, the days that companies can sell mining hardware with no customer support is over.

Most importantly at Hashra, we want to keep things simple… and maybe even fun. : )


So there you have it. HASHRA is a company built by a miner for miners. Simon realized their was an opportunity to provide mining equipment to ‘regular miners‘ who wouldn’t qualify for bulk purchases and he went the extra mile in order to create a company that would fulfill their needs. The Lunar Landing line is perfect for miners who are tired of life in the ‘slow lane.’ With up to 300MHz capability, it’s safe to say a miner using one of these units will be able to hold their own against anyone.

For those who want to learn more about HASHRA or are getting ready for their first Lunar Landing, please take a gander at this special guide prepared by HASHRA.


Apollo Module