666Coin Nears, Soon Satan Will Have His Very Own Altcoin

666Coin Branding

If ever there was an entity that truly embodied the spirit of alternative cryptocurrency, it would have to The Devil himself. Although he has many names, this famous egregore currently has one big problem plaguing his existence. It turns out he has to use fiat or BitCoin when he wants to purchase goods or service. That’s getting a little old for the Dark Prince! He yearns to have his very own digital alternative to traditional currencies.

It’s great for him that LuisCifer has the programming skills needed to clone Litecoin and can provide his Master with the necessary infrastructure to realize his dream. Also lucky for Diabolous, erstwhile BitCoinTalk members and miners are standing by to do his bidding.

If all of this sounds like an evil plan by the Dev to get his hands on BTC you’re probably hearing right.

So What Are The Pros Of 666Coin?

From what I can tell, there are no pros to this coin. There’s absolutely not one positive quality that this coin possesses.

Satan doesn’t actually need his own cryptocurrency. He has many powers at his disposal and the need for cryptocurrency is not one of his chief concerns. Devil worshippers are not a huge demographic, so it’s hard to imagine this coin replacing Bitcoin as the defacto currency for tech-heads. It looks like a very limited run to amuse the OP and maybe a few of his friends.

What Are The Cons Of 666Coin?

Dancing Devil

Well, the cons seem relatively obvious. Since the coin has no chance at success, those who spend time, energy, and money on it are diverting those valuable resources from going to areas of cryptocurrency where they are sorely needed. Since this coin has no chance but to fail, it’s hard to believe people are going to involve themselves. But they will.

As forum member ‘Elma‘ said, “It’s junk, but I’m going to give it a try.

That’s the spirit Elma. It’s junk, but I’ll spend time and energy mining it. Without people like you Elma, the alternative cryptocurrency movement would not be what it is today.

In any event, 666Coin IS coming. You better brace yourselves. It will be launching soon.

Keep your eyes open for more updates. We’ll be watching.

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