ACH Now Available On The NXT Secure Asset Exchange

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of a burgeoning empire in the fast-growing world of cryptocurrency media?

Now you can! Thanks to the powerful NXT Decentralized Secure Asset Exchange, crypto investors can buy 40% of the revenue of the Altcoin Herald.

As you’re probably aware, it’s all about Cryptocurrency 2.0 now. Gone are the days when crypto lovers were held powerless to the likes of Mark Karpeles and Mt.Gox.

Forget egomania and old-school tactics to raise capital. These days, decentralized exchanges are where the true power lies. It’s been put back where it belongs, and that’s in the very capable hands of traders and long-term investors.

ACH - Trade It Now

In that spirit we’re proud to announce our contribution to the world of crypto equity.

Altcoin Herald has been growing fast - on a shoestring!

With fresh capital from crowd sourcing we can take the quantum leap needed to keep pace with an industry that just doesn’t rest. With increased capacity we stand a chance to re-invent the way the world views cryptocurrency.

We take our responsibilities seriously, and we show up for work every day.

If you’re tired of losing money on hair-brained schemes that are destined to failure and you’d rather step up to long-term, stable returns I urge you to check out ACH. ACH is our revenue-sharing smart contract that’s available on the NXT Secure Asset Exchange. To order, simply install a NXT client or visit If you’re not familiar with the NXT Secure Asset Exchange, please read this post from when it launched in June.

Particularly applicable is this statement: “Our goal is to make Nxt’s Decentralized Asset Exchange easily usable for large professional investors (Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Investment Banks), by giving them access to decentralized assets in a web-based way that already makes sense to them.”

The Exchange also works easily well for individual investors too. In the past 30 days, the Secure Asset Exchange transacted over 1,800 BTC worth of volume.

It’s Easy To Get Started And Investors Of All Sizes Are Welcome

Using the Exchange is easy:

1) Fund your account. Simply add NXT or BTC to your account balance.
2) Purchase the desired amount of your assets.
3) Collect dividends. Receive a secure revenue stream from your assets paid directly to your Account ID.

ACH dividend payments commence on November 1, 2014 and will reflect revenues for the two week period that ends October 14, 2014. You can get in on the ground floor of what should be an excellent and ground-breaking business opportunity.

The Staff of Altcoin Herald has a combined 50 years in online marketing, journalism, and website development.

With fresh capital, we will launch a dizzying array of new initiatives that are completely unique and desperately needed in this sector. This includes major archival of data for further analysis and numerous tools that make understanding the altcoin market a snap.

We’ll be completely transparent through the entire process with all information centrally located on this page. We’re committed to cryptocurrency best practices and plan on being a part of this scene for years to come.

Don’t forget, BTC can easily be converted into NXT right in the client or at the website, so anyone with a small amount of Bitcoin can get it on this new opportunity.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! If you have any comments, sound off below.

  • DoubleJ

    This sounds great but how are the dividends calculated exactly? For example would $2500 profit translate to 2500/5M coins, = $0.0005 per asset dividends?

    • altcoinherald

      Thanks for your kind words and your consideration DoubleJ. Your calculation is absolutely correct. I’ve added that this information to our page to clarify for anyone else that has the same question. Thanks again for your feedback - the more clear information we can provide to everyone, the better.

  • Cryptolix

    Sounds good. We will be participating.