Solves The Problem Of Hard-To-Remember Crypto Addresses

The API Explained

You’ve probably heard the adage before that the best way to start a business, service, or website is by finding a problem and then solving it. is one such service that has followed that principle to the tee.

What Problem Has Been Solved?

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In the world of cryptocurrency long hash addresses are common. They’re impossible to remember (for almost everyone).

If you want to give your address out to someone, you have to go dig it up and paste it in. This adds unnecessary steps to the process and shaves minutes off your life! A better way would help you live a longer, more productive life.

The developers behind thought there must be a better way.

The original idea for it spawned from a conversation about sending coins in real life,” they told me. “We thought it would be neat if people could send coins to someone by only knowing their nickname. Shortly after, Addie was born.

Now you can easily add and store your crypto addresses using Once you’ve added them, you’ll have a public address with a link to your profile to make storing your ‘addies‘ much easier.

Now when you want someone to send you a crypto, simply give them your address.

The website is written in Python using the Flask framework and is very fast. The design is minimalistic, leaving the focus on functionality. You can setup a profile in literally seconds at Not only can you, but you really should! This is the type of service that helps the cryptocurrency community grow even faster. It fills a gap and helps people accomplish more with cryptos.

Check out my profile for an example. Over time the service will add more and more altcoins, which will make having an address there absolutely indispensable.

What Does The Future Look Like For has an API which will help people create add-on services that will help extend the functionality of the main project. Without going into too much detail (for fear of spoiling anyone’s ideas) - I can think of around a half dozen essential add-ons that will really make the platform more robust.

If I can think of them, then believe me, others will also come to the same conclusions. For this reason I can easily foresee becoming a very important part of the cryptocurrency scene. Each coin they add will help market them to their growing communities, which means an exponential growth and adoption rate is possible.

Head there now and grab your profile!