The Altcoin Proving Grounds Push Cryptocurrency To Higher Standards

The Altcoin Proving Grounds Push Cryptocurrency To Higher Standards
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Cryptos Get Better Through Competition

The Launching Pad in Altcoin City has been on fire in recent weeks. On one hand, it would be easy to lament this action as ‘litter.’ We can point to multiple examples of crappy coins and then convince ourselves that this many launches is bad for everyone.

In reality, though, numerous launches is the only way a product can get better. Tons of competition from the four corners of Earth are bound to make everyone in the industry that much better. Worrying about which coin is the crappiest takes the focus off where it really belongs. Is innovation occurring? This question can be answered with a resounding ‘Yes!‘ Innovation is happening daily in Altcoin City and the Launching Pad has turned the whole place into one giant Altcoin Proving Grounds where only the strong can possibly dream of surviving.

This same level of competitiveness occurs in every corner of business. As more market entrants attempt to gain mass acceptance, their radical innovations and ideas become mainstream. If alternative cryptocurrencies are to stand a real chance of changing the world’s payment processing systems, this type of environment is completely necessary and healthy. Without a virtual Proving Grounds none of these concepts would ever see the light of day. And let’s face facts: if the miners and speculators don’t like a feature, it’s probably NOT going to catch on with a wider audience. That’s why ‘vetting‘ altcoins in front of a group of hardcore enthusiasts really helps to harden those ideas up.

The Next Big Idea Can Show Up At Any Time

Maybe the last 1oo launches all seemed like bullcrap to you. But if even one hot idea emerges, it makes all the fussing worth while. You never know when an amazing innovation is going to come up the pike. Even more important, competition ensures that the overall product keeps on getting better. Wallets that are left unfixed will cause a coin to fail. Simple issues will cause an alternative cryptocurrency to lose value. People who are serious about their trade will continue to improve and upgrade because they’re afraid of the competition.

As Confucius said, “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” The same is completely true of altcoins. Without a ton of friction (in the form of nearly constant and negative feedback), an altcoin can never become polished enough to go to the next level.

Can you imagine if there were NO altcoin launches in 2014? Many of the features people now take for granted would not exist! Sure, you might have to wade through a ton of shit to find a gem, but those gems are incredibly valuable. That’s why you always wear thigh high boots in Altcoin City.

Right now there are many competing ideas that are battling for cryptocurrency supremacy. Some are stupid. Others are brilliant. In the end, it will be up to the end users to adopt or deny them. That can only happen through the mechanics of an altcoin launch.

Consumers Need To Stay Tough On New Altcoins

All of us who speculate, or mine, or use alternative cryptocurrencies must keep on demanding more from the Devs. The only way any of them are going to produce a superior product is if enough people are pushing them to it. If we all accept mediocrity, then that’s exactly what we’ll end up with.

If that means trolling them unmercifully, so be it! Altcoin development is not for the weak of heart, or those with thin skin. Only the strong survive. When they do, EVERYONE benefits. Well almost everyone, that is, except the current power structure of global elites who control the world’s financial markets. If cryptocurrency really is a revolution, than revolutionary ideas from true revolutionaries is what’s needed for long-term growth.

This summer, I think we’re all going to witness some huge steps forward. These are exciting times to be interested in altcoins and things will likely get a whole lot better.

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