Arkenstone (ARS) Sets Sail Tomorrow

Arkenstone (ARS)  Sets Sail Tomorrow

“Be ready to launch th’ ark made ‘o arkenstone. Men we be destined fer greatness!”

Arkenstone Beats The Drum

OK. Maybe that’s not exactly what’s being said about Arkenstone, but this SHA256 altcoin is scheduled to embark into the ocean of cryptcurrencies on May 15, 2014.

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So far not many people have jumped on ship with the ‘dev’ but there’s still time.

Specifications of Arkenstone (ARS):

  •  SHA-256
  • 1 coin per block
  • 15 minutes block targets (900 seconds)
  • 4 transaction confirmations
  • 200 minted block confirmations
  • Subsidy halves in 105120 blocks (ca. 3 years)
  • 200’000 total coins
  • 2 blocks to retarget difficulty

Since this Altcoin only offers 1 coin per block, Cryptominers will have to mine hard to get their fair share of the booty.

Currently Arkenstone (ARS) has a couple of mining pools on the hook for the launch. Configuration information for solo mining is also available.

Configurations that aren’t available include a website, a Block Explorer, Exchanges and Wallets.

The ‘dev’ is making no great claims for charity, innovation, giveaways or promotions, so consider this one bland.

If you would like jump on ship Arkenstone, it’s scheduled for launch tomorrow at  17:00:00 UTC - or 12 noon EST.

Be sure to let us know if it was smooth sailing…