BitBay Is The Revolutionary New Marketplace That Connects Buyers With Sellers

BitBay Is The Revolutionary New Marketplace That Connects Buyers With Sellers

PRESS RELEASE - November 13, 2014

A successful start to the BitBay ICO has pushed the new cryptocurrency platform to the head of the class for the crown of “Next Generation Cryptocurrency.”

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for BitBay - trading as BAY - has been taking place on and has seen the new project collect 750 BTC in the first 18 hours of trading.

This is a good sign for a new entrant in a competitive market. Next generation cryptocurrency market places are poised to dominate the world of buying and selling because they offer numerous advantages over traditional outlets.

BitPay Press Release

BitBay has taken the most advanced ideas about buying and selling and have turned them into a project that promises a state of the art decentralized marketplace.

BitBay is an alternative cryptocurrency that uses Proof of Stake 2.0 to facilitate numerous features which are expected of stable cryptocurrency ecosystems. Their roadmap promises to introduce a plethora of advanced crypto-features, such as:

  • Smart Contracts
  • Advanced Smart Contracts: Machine to Machine advanced contract fulfillment (IOT: Internet of Things)
  • Multi-Sig
  • Joint Accounts
  • Multi-Coin Wallet Features
  • Decentralized marketplace.

BitBay Is The Peer-To-Peer, Decentralized Market That Solves The Problems Of Modern Commerce

These features allow for the development of an advanced peer to peer, decentralized financial platform that supports the vital functions of economic life. The only limit to what can be accomplished using the BitBay platform is the imagination of the people using the network.

As the network grows in use and stature, the applications that can be developed are virtually endless.

In order to fund such an aggressive development plan, BitBay has used a common crowd funding option. There is still a small amount of time available for the ICO, so interested parties need to act fast in order to get in on the ground floor of this unique, new project.

As rival projects have learned, successful decentralized markets require low transaction fees and fast confirmation times from their underlying cryptocurrency. This means buyers and sellers can transact safely, securely, and quickly. BitBay has factored these important considerations and baked them into their configuration. The cryptocurrency has been built from the ground up to solve the issues that have been faced by other next generation cryptocurrencies.

If you’re reading this release before Nov. 15, 2014 ends, there’s still time for you to purchase BitBay cryptocoins before the end of the Initial Coin Offering period. Check out the market at The ICO price for coins goes up a bit each day so time is of the essence. This will be your last chance to accumulate BitBay at these prices.

To find out more about the BitBay project, please be sure to visit the BitBay website for more details.

  • Gizfreak

    Looks promising and trustworthy, so I invested in BAY. Especially because I’m a strong believer of decentralized markets.