Cleverhash Tech Empowers Miners To Become HASH Kings

Cleverhash  Tech Empowers Miners To Become HASH Kings

There’s no question that the way people mine altcoins is changing.

In the ‘old days‘ erstwhile individual miners purchased expensive and esoteric equipment that they put to work solving blocks and earning returns.

Over time, large corporate entities entered the vertical, making it tougher and tougher for ‘regular‘ people to earn massive returns. All that is changing as ‘hash farms‘ have arisen that allow miners to harness the power of state of the art facilities and world-class management that is dedicated specifically to the purpose of making the most out of mining opportunities.

Mine Altcoins At The Speed Of Light

Hash farms can’t offer high returns unless they are engineered with the goal of total profitability. Cleverhash has been designed to earn from the ground up using advanced ASIC technology that ensures the highest profits.

Cleverhash partnered with Open-Silicon in order to create a full-line of X11, X13, and X15-mining capable miners which have been dubbed “Triple-X” and are the world’s first X-Series ASIC mining rigs.

Mine Altcoins At The Speed Of Light

The Subsonic offers entry level features that should be affordable to all. Purchasers of The Subsonic will have the power to mine altcoins at 150 MH.

The Sonic is the mid-level miner which offers a blazing 900 MH to help you solve blocks like a true whiz kid.

Customers who purchase the Aurora miner can expect a mouth-watering mining speed up to 1.2 GH, as well as an extra 600 MH that’s made available through a ‘Cloud Chip.’ At long last, the ‘little guy‘ once again stands a chance to earn from mining despite being a ‘David‘ who is taking on corporate Goliaths.

Get Your HASH Now And Rule Over Your Altcoin Mining Kingdom

For Immediate Release

Purchasing HASH allows you to get in on the next generation of altcoin mining. Not only will you be mining at the speed of light but crowd funding participants receive a 50% discount on their miners! For every 50 cents early supporters pay, $1.00 USD of mining capacity will be theirs.

If you do not want to participate in the ‘cloud mining‘ operation, you can instead receive physical delivery of your advanced ASIC miners. The choice is completely yours. One thing is certain: Cleverhash customers will be mining “X Series” altcoins at a truly royal rate.

There’s still time to purchase your tokens now on Bittrex. Hash tokens (trading symbol CHASH) on Bittrex, will also allow purchasers to receive revenues beyond mere mining. Cleverhash will soon unveil details on additional revenue streams that will end up making an investment in HASH one for the ages.

Times are changing in the world of Altcoins. Only those people who have the newest and most advanced miners stand a chance of succeeding in an increasingly-competitive environment. Cleverhash gives you the opportunity to be part of a game-changing paradigm that helps empower the ‘little guy‘ to reign supreme over alternative cryptocurrencies as a true ‘Hash King.’

It’s your turn to rule!

Please visit for more details on crowd funding, ASIC miners, and cloud mining operations that are sure to please even the most demanding crypto enthusiasts.

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  • edwolf

    Another pre-order ASIC that will be delayed and delayed until people start threatening class-action and then you’ll get a product a year or so late that is MAYBE profitable if you are LUCKY… maybe i’m pessimistic or misinformed or both, but I can’t name one ASIC company that has delivered on-time or a product with the specs they claimed… someone please provide information otherwise about CleverHash or any other company that has provided worthwhile returns to their investors…

  • Jason Carleski

    Nice idea perhaps but show me a coin worth talking about that uses X-algorithms.

  • stellar_coin

    What I really don’t like is that you NEED to order a Physical Miner from CleverHash or HASH is useless.