Cryptsy Seeks Feedback To Improve Its’ Service

Cryptsy Seeks Feedback To Improve Its? Service

If you’ve ever been around tech companies before, you know one of their greatest marketing ‘secrets‘ is to solicit feedback from current and prospective clients.

Once these participants feed the company suggestions, they get implemented and the clients become happier about the service, making it easier to sell to the next guy.

Cryptsy Wants Your Feedback

Companies that don’t solicit feedback, or react negatively to it, have a harder time improving their offerings to the point where they’re universally acceptable. has waded into the ‘belly of the beast‘ at Bitcointalk and opened up a dialogue to directly ask customers what they could do better.

This approach means they’re inviting criticism, but are willing to take the heat in order to improve their service.

In Altcoin City, that’s a big deal. Too many service providers attempt to respond to others with a churlish attitude. They don’t take feedback graciously. Some ignore the feedback and don’t even work to improve their service. Cryptsy has been at the game since May of 2013. In that time they’ve advanced to the point where they offer USD markets in addition to numerous BTC and altcoin pairings.

Cryptsy - as a U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange - has staked its’ reputation and future on compliance. In the U.S. those who ignore compliance risk the ‘perp walk‘ and huge fines. Services that handle currency are under more scrutiny than most so its’ safe to say that Cryptsy has focused on the areas of their business which will help them succeed over the long-term.

Cryptsy, like all exchanges, has suffered a bit from growing pains. They were featured in the Wall Street Journal, which caused a rush of 5,000 signers each day. The load caused some problems on the system, but their representative ‘Bitjohn‘ says those issues are all behind them now.

A few users in the feedback thread were upset about an incident that happened with BTSX that has not yet been resolved to all customers’ satisfaction. For the most part, the feedback the company has been getting has been helpful and should allow Cryptsy to introduce new features that appeal to a wide audience.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are common these days and competition is fierce. These are low margin businesses that rely on large volume to earn profits. The more customers they have trading the better. For exchanges, like most other service businesses, client support really is a huge factor to their eventual success or failure.

As part of Altcoin Herald’s effort to help improve the cryptocurrency landscape, we’ve added ratings and reviews for altcoin exchanges like Cryptsy. So far Cryptsy is doing well with an average rating of 4.29 out of 5 stars. Please add your feedback now. You can also hit the BCT thread and directly ask for a feature to be added to Cryptsy.

Cryptsy says they’ll be announcing new features soon. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for developments.

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