Doge Faucets Are A Great Way To Get Free Dogecoins

If you’re just getting started with Dogecoin, chances are very good that you’d like an easy way to start funding your new Dogecoin wallet.

Doge Faucets For You

Luckily for all the little shibes out there, there’s plenty of generosity to go around and websites known as ‘faucets’ gladly give out Dogecoins to anyone with a Dogecoin address.

But don’t be greedy, these faucets are all funded by donations, so don’t take more than your share and remember to contribute back when you’ve amassed enough of your own Dogecoins.

Here is a list of Active Doge Faucets you can use to get free Dogecoins:

In Dog We Trust - A great water bowl! As of February 4, 2014 they’ve paid out 767,232.31406449 to Doge Wallets everywhere.

RenaFaucet - Watch an ad, get some Doge hourly. - Get up to 5 free Doges every 12 hours!

Cryptobucket - Deposits Dogecoins on a weekly basis.

Dogecoin Faucet - This faucet  is sponsored by and is a great place to pick up an extra doge or two.

Doge Faucet - At the time of this writing, this site gave away 298,393 Ɖ. - New dogecoins are added twice daily, on an automated basis. Donations sent to this faucet are immediately available to all of its users. Still no limit!

Dogehaus - A new faucet - donations always kindly accepted!

Get 5 Doge -  Shibes can get 5 doges a day! The site is supported by “dogenations” from visitors, ad revenue and (Added Feb. 11, 2014)

Dogecoin Faucet - Spreading the doge whenever Dogecoin is available. (Added Feb. 11, 2014)

All of the sites listed above are currently operational and gifting Dogecoins.

I sifted through about 50 sites to come up with this short list. Due to the the nature of giving away free coins, a number of sites I visited were out of funds (they went ‘dry’) so they had no extra Doge to donate.

To help keep them operational for everyone, please consider donating back once you’ve established your own account - I know that this is something I will do just as quickly as I’m able.

And remember -  Much coin, so money, wow!


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