Dogecoin Is The Greatest Altcoin Of All

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I don’t make this statement lightly. I know there will be some heat for claiming it. But it’s not MY opinion. According to the Altcoin Herald ‘Greatest Altcoin of All Poll‘ an overwhelming majority of voters prefer Dogecoin to 49 other contestants. This sort of dominance is unheard of.

Dogecoin received 99% of the popular votes, on par with the political process in North Korea!

It’s common knowledge that alternative cryptocurrencies need to build community. Without enthusiastic community members, there’s very little viral spread for the technology. Dogecoin clearly has a HUGE community. What’s interesting about their huge community size is that lately the price of Doge has not been stratospheric. Most altcoins that suffer a short-term decrease in price usually see a corresponding drop in brand loyalty! This is not the case with Doge, which is a very strong indicator of the excellent health of the coin. They’ve moved beyond the miner and speculator phase into more widespread acceptance.

99% Of The Votes Went To Doge

Brand Advocates Tell The World About Your Brand

Dogecoin brand advocates are ready, willing, and able to deploy at a moment’s notice, as they have in this instance of voting! Brand advocates do a lot of the day-to-day heavy lifting it takes to really push your product or service out there. In the case of cryptocoins, success will never be achieved without a vocal, motivated force of coin lovers.

The brand advocates for Dogecoin give them a power that few other cryptocurrencies can rival. Strong community efforts allow the Doge project to move forward by accepting donations and putting the money into areas that help advance the coin. The model they’re using might not be easy to replicate, but struggling cryptocurrencies need to really examine the dynamics that have made Dogecoin what it is today.

The same social resources are available to all. Yet harnessing the true power of social media has been much harder for others. The idea that Doge is ‘dumb‘ certainly adds to the mix. ‘Dumb‘ ideas are also easy to explain! Dogecoin appeals to emotions rather than analytical thinkers. The truth is, that’s the vast majority of people out there!

A Note To The Other Cryptos

The poll was comprised of the Top 50 leaders in market cap from That means we added the ‘cream of the crop’ for current cryptos. The funny thing is, some coins didn’t even merit a single vote! How can Dogecoin get over 200,000 votes and your coin doesn’t get one? Not even the ‘creators‘ voted for themselves!

This means no one is monitoring social media mentions! There is no ‘community‘ of advocates to help tout the brand. How long can these so-called leaders stay at the top of Altcoin Mountain?

Say what you want about Dogecoin, but no one can deny the energy and enthusiasm they’ve brought to their community building efforts. There’s a blueprint there that others should really consider following. If not, they’re going to keep on getting their asses kicked in Internet popularity contests.

We’re going to leave the poll open, in case people still want to vote. We’ll update if there’s any major changes, but right now it seems obvious that Dogecoin ran off with the crown. Such dominance. Very voting.

Keep your eyes peeled for more fun polls coming soon. Feel free to sound off below and thanks for stopping by! Make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest info on alternative cryptocurrencies.



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