Emirates Coin Dev Returns To Mock The Community

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of  pouring salt on an open wound.

On May 10, this is exactly what the ‘dev’ of Emirates coin decided to do.

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Get Your Coins

If you aren’t familiar with the story of the coin, here’s a brief overview.

Emirates Coin was scheduled for release on May 1st.

Like many Altcoins releases lately, Emirates Coin featured an IPO.

Since the coin was announced in mid- April, investors, speculators, miners and mining pools saddled up for the launch - anxiously awaiting the source code so they could get to work cracking blocks and making trades.

F5 keys got pounded into oblivion as participants waited for the forum page to refresh with the needed information.

Pool operators assured everyone that their pools would be up - pending release of the code.

Much to the dismay of everyone, the Emirates Coin dev prophetically announced that ‘lunch very soon’ about 30 minutes after the launch time.

Some people held hope that the launch was still happening. Others called scam. Some suggested the launch should be postponed.

Well, to make a long story short - the Emirates Coin dev had his lunch; took all the IPO funds; changed his website content; changed the thread title at BitcoinTalk and replaced the ‘launch details’ with a picture of a Penguin with the headline “Get Your Coins.”

One Victim Was Not Happy With A Refund

For some unknown reason Emirates Coin Dev issued some sort of refund to one fellow. But his token of goodwill was met with disgust.

BTCTalk member Jamie81 posted: ‘that’s like throwing a penny at a begger, jeez not only a scammer but blatantly mocking the people here, man this guy deserves an a** kicking.’

And as it turns out, Jamie81 must have inspired the Emirates Coin Dev to return yet again to pour some extra salt on their wounds.

On May 10th - almost exactly to the time of the original launch - he returned to make a simple post.

It was  another picture of the same penguin, this time wrapped up in what appears to be a black and orange tow strap.

Whether or not the ‘dev’ will re-visit the thread to answer questions about the faucet remains to be seen, but Jamie81 provided the answer in the event that he doesn’t.

He said - I hope you’re being ironic.

The Emirates Coin Dev made about 23 BTC from his scam… and he’s intent to have the first - and last - laugh at the expense of the community.