How To Explain Cryptocurrency To Newbies

How To Explain Cryptocurrency To Newbies

We were all new once.

Depending on our level of understanding and experience we may have quickly caught on to the concepts of cryptocurrency.

However, if we put ourselves in other people’s shoes, it’s easy to understand how some people may not quickly grasp what crypto is and what it can do for them.

Crypto Newbies Need To Be Spoonfed

Educating new people about cryptocurrency is one of the greatest challenges that altcoins face. To many, the concepts are extremely esoteric and hard to grasp.

Focus On Benefits And Not Features

The average altcoin enthusiast goes nuts for technical features. Most altcoins are marketed directly to this segment of tech insider and very few projects are aimed at roping in the masses. How can we tell? Simple. Pitches that extol the features aim directly at left-brain thinkers and attempt to overwhelm them with details.

In order to appeal to the masses, emotions need to become part of the picture. People need to know how using a cryptocurrency BENEFITS them. They don’t need to know about the specs. Since they don’t understand ANYTHING about how cryptocurrencies work on a technical level, trying to get them on board by boasting of technical features can’t possibly work. When an altcoin projects arrives on the scene that clearly explains “Hey, this is a payment system that can help you save money” the “man in the street” will perk right up.

In marketing, this is known as “selling the sizzle, and not the steak.” Nowhere is this approach more important than it is in recruiting new crypto users, many of whom WILL NOT have a technical background. The early adopters currently dominate the landscape, but they must give way to a broader audience if the movement is to thrive.

A few ideas worth mentioning:

  • Teach new people how cryptocurrency helps them using clear examples.
  • Cut down on jargon and technical terms.
  • Use video whenever possible. It has more impact.
  • Never speak down to new people. We were all new once.
  • Explain that cryptocurrency is faster, safer, and cheaper than traditional alternatives.
  • Excite new people about becoming part of a new world.

Excite People About The Brave New World Of Altcoins

Cryptocurrency is new and exciting. People WANT to learn more about the subject. If insiders would take the time to make it easy for them to understand, the growth rate would accelerate. The reason all of us where attracted to crypto is because of the enormous benefits. Anyone who has ever used Western Union or a Bank Transfer to send money internationally will soon understand how important nearly-instant and low-cost money transfers are. It’s simply a matter of relating to new people and helping them understand the subject in terms they use.

This is a challenge that faces the whole cryptocurrency sector. Some of the material that coin projects use to attract people is so DENSE and boring that anyone would be forgiven for walking away instead of becoming a believer! It’s time to reel in the egg-heads and give the people with heart a chance to explain their vision of crypto. Why? Because the world has a lot more people who are EMOTIONAL than those who place INTELLECT above all else! It probably doesn’t look like that to current people in crypto, but that’s because right now a lot of projects are getting it wrong.

Make it a point to go out and recruit a new person this week. Crypto is not going to grow unless those of us who are active in the field begin to bridge the communications gap that is separating us from end users. Once we do that, crypto will spread like wildfire!

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