Get Ready For Wild West Coin! You Don’t Have Much Time!

Get Ready For Wild West Coin! You Don’t Have Much Time!

Wild West Coin Is Ready To Launch

Boot Hill is full of fellows who pulled their triggers without aiming.” - Old West Saying

Howdy partner! Are you ready for a rootin’ tootin’ new altcoin that brings back memories of the Wild West? If you are, you better get in fast. Wild West Coin is the newest FlashCoin to burst onto the scene, demanding the immediate but short attention of miners and investors alike.

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In the Wild West environment of FlashCoins there are only two types of miners - the Quick and the Dead!

I guess you’re probably already pretty excited about this new generic, clone-coin. So let’s move right on the essentials you need to know in order to successfully mine at launch.

Wild West Coin exists for this reason: “WildWest Coin is an X11 algo coin which provides resistance to ASIC miners and grants the benefits of lower temperatures and power bills.”

Errr, okay. It’s an alternative cryptocurrency that is designed to fight off the inevitable and inexorable move towards ASIC. This benefit is similar to someone in 1913 saying their icebox was ‘refrigerator-resistant‘ in the face of the adoption of wide-scale refrigeration.

If you want to save on your electric bill while at the same time joining the revolution against ASIC mining rigs, Wild West Coin is the right choice for you!

PoW Followed By PoS Yadda Yadda Yadda

10,000 blocks in total will be mined during the PoW phase. After that, it’s off to the races with PoS. Will the wallet work? Given the fact that this ‘ANN Thread‘ was posted by a new user with a total post count of only one, your guess is as good as anyone’s whether the staking will work. It’s also unknown whether the ‘Dev’ will be able to fix problems as they arise. We also don’t know if he’ll respond to community questions and be active in the development of the coin. Heck, partner, we don’t know if the Dev is Billy The Kid come back to life. Why? Because we don’t know a damn thing about someone who launched a coin on the same day they registered!

Is it possible this coin Dev is one who has launched countless ripoff coins in the past? There’s no way of telling. One thing is certain, this Dev is sneaky. He snuck this coin right in. What are the plans for the future? Who is the target market? What problem does Wild West Coin solve? We just DON’T KNOW! If the ‘Dev‘ plans on making it so this cryptocoin doesn’t find itself buried on Boot Hill, he’ll have to do some fast talking soon.

If you’re bored and don’t have anything better to do, you can give this coin a shot at 6PM EST. Look on the bright side, Partner. You’ll be saving electricity and resisting ASIC at the same time. You know that’s gotta be worth something!

  • WildWestCoin

    this here crypto world IS the wild wild west … gotta stay on ya toes in these parts yahere? and yes I’ve launched one other coin, about 6 months ago. Thanks for the writeup :)

    • altcoinherald

      You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Good luck with your coin

    • ICee Trading

      Sounds legit…

  • Darina Mráčková

    “refrigerator-resistant”, oh you just made my day:D:D

    • altcoinherald

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Darina. Have a great day!

  • CryptoChick

    This article made me think of the song ‘Blaze of Glory’ by Bon Jovi. Thanks for the chuckles!

  • WildWest Coin

    We start new image !

  • WildWest Coin

    We will start new image !