Karmacoin Is The Altcoin For Do-Gooders

Karmacoin Is For Those Who Do Good

For those who remember the TV show ‘My Name Is Earl’ the concept of Karmacoin should be obvious. Earl used to tell everyone at the beginning of each episode: “Do good things, good things happen, it ‘s Karma.Karmacoin.info - the project page - says that the cryptocurrency should be used to reward those who have done good deeds.

Naturally it’s not just do-gooders who are intested in Karmacoin. Speculators have already jumped in, doing their best to manipulate the price.More pools have jumped in since last night and now there have been around 40 million KARM units mined.

Karmacoin Is Going Through Some Changes

Karmacoin project leaders have announced they’re making a few changes to the wallet. They’re launching an update using Kimoto Gravity Well, so those with existing wallets will need to update them so the coin continues to work.

The altcoin has moved to two exchanges, but so far that has proven to be a rough experience. Even worse for some miners, a large pool has entered the KARM arena and has began minting the altcoin at a rapid pace. ‘Little guys‘ must now face a much greater difficulty, resulting in lower potential earnings and less coin.

On the flip side, once some miners become frustrated and leave, the difficulty rate should once again be reduced. Patience plays a role in all altcoin launches, and it’s not a quality that many are famous for. Right now a ‘coingen‘ controversy is undermining the team’s ideas of ‘Good Karma‘ with some claiming malfeasance. How that drama unfolds remains to be seen.

Despite these challenges, KARM demand seems to be growing and growing pains are to be expected.

What Pools Are Open For Mining Karmacoin?

Mining pools for KARM are springing up. There are now several Karma Mining Pools to choose from:

If you get in early - like right now - there should be a decent chance to for you to get a return. Everyone on Earth is aware of the philosophical concept known as Karma, and many people live their lives based on this precept. Paying it forward is a concept that’s generally lost with traditional currencies, yet online people seem to really resonate with the idea.

If you’re interested in learning more about this altcoin, grab the project leader’s updates on Facebook and Twitter.



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