Keep A Tab Of Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio At One Place -

Have you ever wondered exactly what your Cryptocurrency portfolio is worth?

Count My Crypto Portfolio Calculator

If you have, CountMyCrypto has the answer you’ve been looking for - without having to use multiple online calculators or keep a trading/holding spreadsheet.

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Count My Crypto supports the input of numerous Altcoins including - but not limited to - BitCoin (BTC); DogeCoin (DOGE); LiteCoin (LTC); Ripple (XRP); AsiaCoin (AC); CinniCoin (CINNI); DopeCoin (DOPE); FlutterCoin (FLT); MaxCoin (MAX); LycanCoin (LYC) and many others. (At the time of this writing, they supported over 260 Altcoins.)

Getting started is easy and doesn’t require registration.

As you see illustrated in the image to your right, site users have a pull down menu where they can select the coin(s) they’re holding and enter the number that they own.

You can enter as many coins as you wish to get an assessment of your current Altcoin holdings.

Once you’ve entered your coins, you won’t need to do it again when you return - it automatically keeps a record that can be updated as your portfolio changes.

Updating Your Account Balances

Let’s say that you sell out of a position.  You can remove the entry entirely by clicking on the “Trash Can” twice. (This is found by clicking on the arrow in the left column.)

If you add more coins or sell off some coin, you can edit your entry to reflect your new amount of coins. (Click on the arrow to edit, adjust the number and click the Check Mark to save.)

Count My Crypto provides your combined Crypto Portfolio worth (according to current market prices) in either Bitcoin, USD, GBP and Euro, which is always great information to have.

In addition to providing an overall worth, it provides the worth of each coin holding individually.

If you’d like to see what your Cryptocurrency Portfolio is worth, Click here to visit

  • Patriotic_Psychonaut

    I like this concept. I’ve been keeping most of my coins in Cryptsy for this purpose… but that doesn’t work so well for proof of stake coins.

  • altcoinherald

    True. If PoS is going to be a big part of cryptos going forward, that will have to be accounted for. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.