Libertycoin Implodes, Price Plummets, SockPuppets Attack

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Libertycoin Descends Into Madness

What happens when a loser cryptocoin that’s being manipulated by a bunch of loser pump and dumpers is then dumped all over a big group of losing bagholders?

If you guessed ‘losses‘ then you hit the nail squarely on the head! Libertycoin should have seemed shady to everyone from the start. In Altcoin City, though, people are willing to suspend disbelief and go long based on fairy tales - mainly because they think they’re going to ‘get rich quick‘ from the newest, shiniest altcoin.

LibertyCoin had plenty of red flags from the start. What else can you call it when the Cartoon Coin Dev deletes posts from a thread about a coin that is allegedly promoting ‘freedom?’ The OP was altered by the ‘Dev’ after many initial investors were dragged in because of the promise of the Loch Ness Monster of altcoins - complete privacy. You know how excited people get at the thought of anonymous transactions. They think, ‘at last my drug deals will be completely private‘ or ‘I can hide millions of my offshore assets in XLB.’ Naturally they’re entrusting their wealth to an unknown coin ‘Dev‘ who probably can’t even copy and paste right!

So far that’s been the case with Libertycoin. A team of annoying Twitter pumpsters invaded the thread, and pushed the price up to nearly 20K and then sat back when the bubble burst. Who gets hurt? The usual lineup. The victims were the suckers who believed too hard and the newbs who were drawn into the swirling vortex of a fast-moving pump and dump. Once again this group of ‘investors‘ was willing to demand no accountability and to accept a pack of lies as if it was sacred truth.

I won’t bother to try and summarize the friggin’ mess that that ANN thread has degenerated into.  Feel free to read it if you feel like going nuts in the process. (There is literally an entire chest of drawers full of Sock Puppets you’ll need to wade through in order to look for any posting ‘gems‘ that may exist.)

Right now XLB is trading at 4400. Whether it will fall further remains to be seen, but based on the current fighting it could. Libertycoin gives everyone a glimpse into just how depraved people can get when they fall hook, line, and sinker for the latest cryptocoin. As we say, never fall in love with an altcoin and keep your eyes open at all times in Altcoin City. Those who aren’t paying attention are going to get clipped.

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