MaiaCoin Is The Newest X15 And The Latest CloneCoin To Launch

Mammix2 is a new breed of ‘coin dev’ who makes his living from launching new altcoins. If it’s a new week, that means there must be a new altcoin from him.

This week his new coin is ‘MaiaCoin.’

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What’s the distinguishing factor that separates MaiaCoin from the herd? It’s an X15 PoW/PoS hybrid!

(Initially MaiaCoin was billed to be the FIRST X15 PoW/PoS hybrid, but the ‘Dev‘ from FireCoin beat Mammix2 to the punch, therefore extinguishing his dreams of ShitCoin SuperStardom.)

Excited, yet?

Are your pants down around your ankles in anticipation of this latest wave of innovation? C’mon…you can tell me!

At Least He’s Using The Same Posting Handle

MaiaCoin Branding

Let’s face it: it’s a not very well-guarded secret that most altcoins are made by a shady cabal of the same malcontents. They’ve found a strange niche to earn in and they’re out for the money. They won’t do much to promote the coin past the launch but they will patch the wallets and put in a token appearance after launching their coins for some brief maintenance work.

In case you’re counting, this is Mammix2′s FOURTH coin.

All of his prior coins have seen their best days at launch, followed by an inevitable decline.

I’m not singling him out, either. This is the current nature of the game. He’s not alone in his thinking that all altcoins go to Heaven (except the ones that end up straight in Hell.)

He’s a cynical opportunist in a shark tank full of the same.

Mammix2 is a little bit worse than some others, though. He’s the same ‘innovator‘ who brought us the Block Tax which he’s imposing on this one too.

He’s got the old ‘1% Pre-mine for development, promotional and immediate bounties.

You know this phrase: this is for the bribes and the quick cash for the ‘Dev.’

He also gets ‘5 coins per PoW block to the foundation wallet for long term support.’ Long term support for 1/4 of the efforts he has to expend to maintain his four coins. Soon he’ll have 8 coins or 12 or 24 to look after. After all, altcoins tend to multiply like Gremlins who hit Waffle House at 1am.

We’re Off And Running

The launch was pretty typical. There was mild confusion about the algo and mining. There were many claims of instamining (at least 20 blocks were found VERY fast according to multiple sources).

As usual, the altcoin has been birthed and now will be rushed as quickly as possible to whatever exchange wants to enable ‘pump and dump‘ mode. Once there, there will be a dizzying series of Tweets about the many imagined merits of the coin.

People will trade for awhile.

Then they’ll get BORED out of their heads and look for something else.

MaiaCoin will dwindle in interest.

Mammix2 will return with another clone!

This is life on the Altcoin Launching Pad and Mammix2 is an experienced pilot. He still hasn’t made enough money doing this to quit his day job, but it’s obvious that’s a major life goal of his.

I’ll give him credit for taking responsibility for the lousy 4 coins under his tutelage. Other than that, there’s not much about MaiaCoin to inspire confidence.

He also has a ‘Moderated Thread‘ going, so as always, be careful what you say if you plan on asking questions!

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