Maxcoin Debuts Today - Are You Ready To Max Out On This Keiser-Backed Currency?

Maxcoin Launches

Are you ready for a brand new altcoin that has what it takes to bring you Max returns? If you answered with even a tepid ‘maybe‘ then Maxcoin is the cryptocurrency for you.

Maxcoin is the brainchild of journalist Max Keiser who has been touting alternative currencies for years.

A wave of celebrity-faced altcoins is likely to emerge this year, with Maxcoin leading the charge. The Maxcoin Project has ambitious plans, as you can tell by visiting their Facebook Page. Keiser has been serious about digital currency for a long period of time and has earned his title of the King of Digital Currency by championing cryptocurrency.

The launch is today, February 5th. 2014. Keiser covered this topic on ‘The Kaiser Report‘ that aired on January 28th. 2014.

Is Maxcoin A Gimmick?

With a celebrity journalist involved, it’s easy to assume that Maxcoin is a gimmicky currency. Anyone can fork Bitcoin to create an Altcoin, so it pays to be careful which altcoin you choose to support. Given Keiser’s lengthy involvement with digital currency and the stated aims of the Maxcoin Project, that does not appear to be a problem for Maxcoin.

Can Maxcoin Be Incorruptible?

Project leaders said the won’t pre-mine Maxcoin, so miners can get in on the ground floor.

How Do I Get My Hands On Maxcoin?

If you’re chomping on the bit to get your Maxcoin, you can buy it today at According to project developer Luke Mitchell (@LukeCrypto) Maxcoin is not just another ‘me too‘ altcoin because it has genuine features that make it stand out from the pack. Maxcoin will use ‘the most secure hashing algorithm‘ available and will not play with limits in order to inflate the valuation for the project leads and Keiser himself. Maxcoin will also differ from other altcoin in that it will be geared towards small time miners who do not use expensive rigs.

Mitchell, on his Twitter account said all details about mining will be revealed today. Mining should be fun for inexperienced people because blocks will be solved every 30 seconds. SHA-3 or Keccek Hashing will use CPUs to mine instead of the more expensive ASIC mining rigs that are dominating most pools. This egalitarian attitude shows you that the people behind Maxcoin are serious about addressing many of the current criticisms leveled at altcoins.

A Non Corruptible Cryptocurrency For The Masses Sounds Good Right About Now

With so much double dealing at every level of finance a project with the stated claims of Maxcoin certainly sounds like a breath of fresh air. Stay tuned for further developments.

Author: darren

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