MazaCoin Is A Unique Altcoin With A Twist (MZC)

MazaCoin Is A First

Sometimes it’s easy to get the feeling that if you’ve seen one altcoin, you’ve seen’em all. Then, a new coin will arise that has something unique about it. MazaCoin is just such a coin.

Mazacoin is garnering a lot of attention and that should be no surprise because it’s the National Currency of the Traditional Lakota Nation. That makes MazaCoin the first sovereign national Crypto-Coin ever. This historical important is helping MZC to establish itself as a contender early on.

Today Mintpal initiated trading of MazaCoin. Trading volume has been brisk as word of the currency circulates. MazaCoin is a fork of Zetacoin and has been designed to fight inflation for the long haul. In the first five years of its existence 2.4192 billion MazaCoins will be mined.

Alternative currencies only gain traction when they they’re used in real world applications. The commitment from the Traditional Lakota Nation on that front should help seperate MZC from the crowd. Real world applications of MazaCoin would include getting it into the hands of those who live on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, which is considered to be one of the poorest areas of the U.S.

Payu Harris is the developer of MazaCoin and a Lakota member. He convinced tribal elders to adopt MazaCoin as their official currency. With tribe members actually using MazaCoin, the prospects look very bright. Altcoin traders and investors are jumping in rapidly because they sense the potential due to the coin’s unique nature, compelling story, and plenty of media coverage. Most altcoins get very little attention. MazaCoin seems poised to avoid that fate.

Learn More About MazaCoin (MZC)

If you’re interested in learning more about MazaCoin, please check out these resources:

MazaCoin is an altcoin worth watching. As interest continues to grow and the coin gains wider use, the future looks bright for this experiment in currency.

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