Parallaxcoin Boasts Of Being The World’s First Merged Minable N-Scrypt Altcoin

Parallaxcoin Boasts Of Being The World’s First Merged Minable N-Scrypt Altcoin

Parallaxcoin Is Set To Launch

In the world of altcoins any claims of being the first have to be examined closely. Parallaxcoin makes the claim that it’s the world first merge-minable N-Scrypt altcoin. N-Scrypt, as you may or not be aware, was introduced by Vertcoin early in 2014.

Adapative N Factor was brought to the marketplace in order to deal with the move towards large hash farms for many Scrypt coins. Larger companies have been getting involved in mining operations, pushing the little guys to the point where it’s tough for them to get a positive return on their mining efforts.

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Parallaxcoin takes the concept of Vertcoin one step further with the introduction of merged-mining. This means that Parallacoin will be able to to be mined at the same time as another N-Scrypt coin.

Merged mining of Parallaxcoin means that miners will be able to mine the blockchain of PLX and another coin that uses the same hashing algorithm at the same time.

Is Merged Mining Needed?

It’s safe to say that merged mining is going to be an important part of altcoins going forward. This type of mining will make it easier for miners to ‘spread the hash‘ among the large number of altcoins available.

What actually happens in the field remains to be seen, but Parallaxcoin does win some cool points for being the first to try it with Scrypt-N. Or should I say, they would have won cool points if Monocle didn’t do it a week before them.

Uh, So It’s Not The First Anything

There goes that claim. So is Parallaxcoin just a fork of Monocle that doesn’t offer proper credit to the Vertcoin developers?

Even of more concern, for me at least, is this comment from the coin dev:


Genius On Board

If I only had one word to describe the average altcoin ‘Dev,’ genius would not be it. This self-proclaimed genius has changed the launch time on several occasions already and is the ‘second‘ to offer merged-minable mining for N-Scrypt and has NONE of the wallets ready for the launch, which takes place in a few hours.


Those who are interested in merged mining can give this coin a try, but keep your expectations low. There appears to be virtually no excitement about this launch at all and the Dev has done a poor job of promoting the coin. Expect problems at launch that the Dev won’t likely fix.

  • William Blazkowicz

    Bit of a slanderous article written here… Wallets WERE ready at launch, and we WERE in fact the first merged-mineable coin; Monocle announced their coin IN OUR FIRST THREAD, however we deleted the first post because we were offering an IPO, and decided against it. As for the claim that we changed the launch time - we changed it ONCE as we approached the hour of launch as we wanted to make sure the pools were able to properly support the merged mining function of the coin. Do a little more research and a little less shit-slinging next time :)

    • altcoinherald

      No slander here. Wallets aren’t supposed to be ‘ready at launch.’ You’re supposed to have the Windows wallet and Mac wallet uploaded 24 hours beforehand in a password protected format. Yes, you changed the launch time, so that’s accurate.

      In any event, thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your coin. You’ll need it :)

      • William Blazkowicz

        “Supposed to”? Is there some kind of written standard for releasing a coin? Anyway, the wallets were ready at launch, and frankly it’s useless to have the wallet before the coin exists… I’ll give you one point - our windows wallet is having some issues, and we are working dilligently to resolve it.

        We changed the launch time, yes, however your article makes it sound like since we announced the coin we have been bouncing around our launch date, which just isn’t true. Anyway, I can see you don’t support our coin which would explain the bias in your article, however any press is good press, and the people who are inclined to do their own research rather than take your one-sided opinion as fact will discover what we’re really about :) thanks for the wishes, though!

        • altcoinherald

          I already wished you good luck. Now go fix your wallet :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • CryptoChick

    This sounds so confusing. At least to me anyway.