ProCoin (PCN) Is The New Altcoin For Small Business

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If you were to say that there’s getting to be a whole lot of new altcoins these days - no one could argue! Procoin is one of the newest, but the project Developers have a unique position for the marketing of their coin. They plan on making ProCoin an alternative crypto-currency that is used by small businesses. Further, their ambitious project is designed to help teach small business people the advantages of using crypto-currency in their day to day routines.

Procoin Will Help Small Business Learn About Cryptocurrency

That means PCN will serve a dual purpose. Firstly, it will be an altcoin that is actively used to trade for goods and services. Secondly, the coin will educate people who are traditionally ‘technologically resistant’ about the wider world of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and alternatives.

In a world where very few people know about altcoins an educational campaign designed towards bridging the knowledge gap can serve a very important purpose. Once small business people - many of whom are struggling in an increasingly competitive environment - learn about crypto-currency they will likely be inclined to start using it. The advantages for businesses are obvious. Those who use altcoins like Procoin open themselves up to a broader market of young, technologically savvy customers.

Social Media Outreach Will Be A Major Focus

The Procoin Team is planning on being very active on social media websites and forums. They will create viral marketing programs (including fun and easy to understand videos) that can be easily shared virally. The goal is to create awareness about how easy it really is to use altcoins.

A small, independent research project conducted by Team Procoin turned up a few key facts about small business and their adoption of Bitcoins and alternatives. Many, it turns out, were eager to get started but felt overwhelmed by the knowledge they would have to acquire in order to start accepting crypto-currencies. A large percentage of them thought a traditional merchant account or a credit check was required. When it was explained to them just how easy it actually is to accept Procoin, they were eager to learn more.

Learn More About Procoin, Team Procoin, and The Procoin Project

TeamProCoin is looking for new community members and contributors. Check out these resources to learn more about the project.

If you don’t mine, you can always invest in ProCoin.

PCN is in its infancy. For those who take a long term investing approach to altcoins, now would be a great time to establish positions while the price remains reasonable. Given the nature of the team’s ambitious plans, it is very likely that ProCoin will experience rapid appreciation in coming weeks. Small businesses need to become involved in crypto-currencies and ProCoin is one way that some of them will begin. If you’re interested in helping spread the word of altcoins join the ProCoin community today.



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