PyramidsCoin Is Taking Cryptos To An Ancient World

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Pyramids Coin Branding

Egyptian civilization has been around a long, long time. In all those centuries of existence the Egyptians (both Ancient and Modern) have been unable to come up with their very own CryptoCurrency. Until now, that is. The great newbie coin creator PyramidsCoin has solved all that.

In a not-too-distant future at a yet-unspecified-time he will introduce PyramidsCoin, an X11 offering with a total coin supply of 95,000,000.

As the coin creator himself says, there is a very good reason for the existence of his cryptocoin.

i’m very happy to announce today about my contribution to crypto-world today is the first time to introduce cryptocurruncy to the land of the oldest civilizations where the great pyramid was built. EGYPT… the lands that lives upon it approximately 95 million citizen now which is the highest population in this region and they dont know anything yet about cryptocurrency and surroundings countries as well.  All these countries consider the land of the pyramids is the mother land of  civilization and the best way to introduce cryptocurrency to them is Pyramids,  And the most important Key that will let them believe in crypto, is to simplify the idea for them.”

Ignore The Veracity Of The Claims For One Second

Of course this idea is ridiculous, but in Altcoin City we’ve all learned to look the other way when someone makes a claim such as this. Of course Egyptians can already use Bitcoin if they choose. Our intrepid ‘Dev‘ could have simply helped spread the word of that extant digital currency. But that’s not how things are done around here! Around here, every body and their uncle needs to have their own digital currency.

In a move that not even Pharaoh Khufu could not have imagined, Pharaoh Pyramidscoin is going to erect a ‘cyber pyramid‘ built on the foundation of X11 and the Alternative Cryptocurrency Subforum at BitCoinTalk. There he will raise an Army of Slaves who will help execute his muddled vision of a global Pyramid-shaped cryptocurrency.

Are You Excited Yet?

Ancient Aliens

If you are, you’ll have to hit refresh on the ANN thread often, because it does not contain accurate launch information at this point in human history. The excitement is already building in the ANN thread with such positive comments as “Yes, it’s very like it. Hope to be able to participate.” and “wow,wait for the launching.Let me give a try.”

These posters don’t want to get left behind when the PyramidsCoin pyramid is built in cyber space.

Six Second Block Times Are Going To Cause A Real Hootenany

Yes, PyramidsCoin has SIX SECOND block times. If you’re thinking ‘more Orphans than Annie‘ you’re probably right.

Still, such outrageous block times make this altcoin launch worth checking out!

Who knows what will happen?

Coin Specs:

  • Symbol: PYRA
  • Algorithm: X11 (Blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, and echo)
  • Total Coins: 95,000,000
  • Block Time: 6 second
  • Difficulty Retarget: Every Block with Dark Gravity Wave v3
  • Premine : 700,000 (0.7%)
  • Bounties :  35,000   from the premine
  • Total blocks : 2,300,000

We’ve added PyramidsCoin to the Altcoin Launch Calendar with a tentative time. We’ll be watching come launch time.

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