It’s Time For Altcoins To Produce

It’s Time For Altcoins To Produce

The time has come.

Enough money, energy, and time has been spent developing altcoins that something really amazing should be the result.

After all the hype we’ve listened to and all the promises, a new altcoin must step forward and take a place of pre-eminence.

This means an altcoin has to gain universal adoption. The project needs to attract millions of users. The funds that have been spent for development need to show real, tangible progress. There’s no more time for someone to launch a new coin. Enough altcoins have already entered the space. Some of them use ‘gimmicks‘ to attract usage, but none is carving out a large enough user base to make a difference.

Can A Super Alt Save Altcoin City?

Altcoin investors can’t afford to stand for this any longer. They need to demand more action from project leaders. Community members need to become energized. They have to hit the streets and pound on doors to find new users. Nobody else is going to do a damn thing for you! It’s up to you to push, push, and push your vision of what a leading alternative cryptocurrency should be.

If you aren’t willing to do this, we may be nearing the end of a ‘fad.’

With trading volumes continuing to decline, it’s becoming obvious that what used to pass as ‘marketing‘ of an altcoin isn’t working any more. It’s not enough to organize a pump and dump. If people keep on doing what they’ve been doing they’re going to keep on getting the same results they’ve always gotten.

The only thing that can save Altcoin City now is a Superman of Altcoins which rises far above the others and propels the cryptocurrency movement forward to heights that were inconceivable a few months earlier.

This new super project will need to attract the attention of the world. It will need to deliver on promises. Most of all it will need to serve as an every day currency that is actually used by people for a myriad of purposes. Anything less won’t push the sector ahead. More half-baked ICOs and generic copycoins won’t make a bit of difference. Times are tough and it’s going to take a tough crypto-competitor to rise up and answer the critics.

Hopefully it happens sooner, rather than later.

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