Want To Become A Vertcoin Athlete? What You Should Know

One of the great things about Cryptocurrency is that many Altcoin communities have great people involved that are striving to educate others about the emerging technology and working to become stronger, better people that challenge themselves in many aspect of their lives.

In this post we got a chance to conduct a 4 question interview with Brandon Kurtz, of Vertcoin Athlete.

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His initiative is to raise awareness about Vertcoin while he’s participating in running events or just going out for his daily run.

Could you tell us a little about yourself and what lead you to get involved with Cryptocurrency?

Well, I’ve been living in Colorado for a year now, and have been running distance for about 3 years. The mountains and altitude have really caused me to elevate my performance (pun!), which is why I signed up for 3 marathons this fall. When I’m not running, I’m usually following and promoting digital currency. After reading up for months on the Bitcoin and Dogecoin subreddits and bitcointalk forums, I found a home with the Vertcoin community. I wanted to do my part in promoting it to the people.

Vertcoin Athlete - Brandon Kurtz

What is Vertcoin Athlete and what are there any qualifications that have to be met to become one?

Vertcoin Athlete is a brand with a goal of promoting athletics, fitness, and digital currency. It started simply as a way for me to promote Vertcoin by wearing a shirt with the logo during a marathon. Soon after, I decided to market the shirts, so that anyone can become a Vertcoin Athlete! It is now a method for people in their local communities to talk about what’s on their shirt with friends and family.

What events has Vertcoin Athlete been represented at so far? Are there any upcoming events that Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can get involved in?

I just wore my Vertcoin Athlete shirt on a 5 mile jog today! Thus far, I’ve done a 10K and a 10M while representing the Vertcoin community. Next month, I’ll be running in the Berlin Marathon with my custom made jersey. I’m really excited about that, as it is the race that started this whole thing! I have an events page on the website, and once I start getting more Vertcoin Athletes involved, I’ll be listing their events as well.

Is there anything else that you’d like to openly discuss about your project?

We are definitely still in the early stages of both Vertcoin and Vertcoin Athlete. I’m currently looking into ways to get more people involved with the organization and possibly sponsoring a few individuals/teams in the future. Come check us out at vertcoinathlete.com and follow on twitter @VertcoinAthlete. I’m always happy to answer any questions on the project! If you want to become a Vertcoin Athlete yourself, check out the storefront at shop.moolah.io/vertcoinathlete!

Without a doubt, Kurtz is doing his part to break the stereotype that Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are stuck behind a computer monitor all of their waking hours and never get off their backsides to get involved in causes.

Vertcoin Athlete isn’t just specific to folks that run in marathons - anyone with a love of a sport is welcome to join in on the fun of Vertcoin advocacy and sportsmanship!

We hope that you enjoyed this 4 question interview and thank Brandon Kurtz for taking part in it!

Do you know of someone that you’d like to nominate to participate in our 4 question interview series? Get in touch with us and let us know!