So, You Want To Launch A New Altcoin?

The world of altcoins is always welcoming new entrants.

No matter how many altcoin projects are already out there, crypto enthusiasts are ready to give the new guy a fair shot.

However, the eventual success or failure of your altcoin is going to come down to getting numerous elements just right. If you don’t pay careful attention to details, you’ll end up having one of those coins that nobody embraces and no one will even remember a few months from now.

Make Your Launch A Successful One

You don’t want THAT happening, so don’t slack when you launch your coin.

You already know that altcoins are a crowded field. You can’t possibly expect to gain much attention from average users unless you do EVERYTHING just right. Here are a few factors to keep in mind.

Be clear.

You need to communicate your unique benefits as clearly as possible. When making your ANN thread make sure to keep your language simple. People online don’t tend to read carefully. Instead, they skim and look for key points so they don’t overwhelm their brains. Make sure your main benefits are listed clearly so even someone skimming your thread picks up on what makes your offering unique.

If you end up confusing your prospective investors and miners you can forget all about having a successful launch. Tell them WHO you are and WHY your coin exists. Give them any additional information they need in order to participate and join your community up front. It’s important you get off to a good start or your effort could be doomed to fail from the very start.

Get the word out.

You won’t be able to just make an announcement thread and sit back and make money. You’re going to have to spread the word among the crypto faithful. They’re constantly being bombarded with information about coins so you’ll want to let them know what your main benefits are immediately. If you have the “first” of something, let people know. If you have solved a long-standing problem, let folks know how you’ve done it. You’ll be communicating with the public from this point forward so you have to get good at it. It’s a skill that separates the winners from the losers.

Social media is a great place to get people talking about your new project. You’ll want to network with successful social marketers and see if they can help propel your message forward. New altcoins need momentum in order to do their thing. If you can’t push your coin off the launching pad with some serious vigor, don’t be surprised when the numbers just aren’t there.

Be prepared to work.

Launching a new altcoin is not easy work. You’ll need to be prepared to successfully complete many tasks in order to get your brand off the ground. Even if you do everything perfect, you’ll still have to show up every day and take care of the basics. If you neglect your coin, it will quickly fall out of favor with the general community for the simple reason they already have so many cryptocoins to choose from.

The stakes are high, so make sure you give it your absolute best.

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