Where’s The New Business, Altcoin People?

The time has come for the general smugness and complacency that has the citizens of Altcoin City in a near-permanent state of suspension to leave forever.

Altcoins are essentially NOWHERE after years of investment and despite much gnashing of teeth and loud proclamations of greatness from insiders.

I’m going to quote something my first boss in sales used to say to his sales-force all the time.

Trolls Are King In The Crypto Space

Where’s the new business?” he would ask everyone. He didn’t care that some of the older salespeople massaged a few of their old clients for new orders. He wanted fresh business from brand new people, because, as he would say “fresh customers are the lifeblood of business.”

How true his sentiments remain to this day. The result of neglecting to attract new people to the altcoin sector is becoming more apparent with each passing day. There’s a general malaise in the alt markets that really allows everyone a glimpse into just how stagnant and small-time the whole scene really is.

Without new people this stagnation may very well continue to the point where the whole thing becomes unprofitable for everyone.

Why does this elementary point keep getting overlooked? I can suggest a few reasons.

The Socially Maladepted Are The Early Adopters Of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been built on the backs of technically-proficient but socially-challenged individuals who may lack the people skills needed to attract large investments from new sources. Coin projects spend much more time on ‘features‘ than they do on creating human networks which will expand their market share.

The techie-types are needed and are the cornerstone of altcoin development but there’s a deep need for ‘people persons‘ who can get out there and mingle. Obviously there are some folks doing just this, but they need more support.

I’m sure this concept seems simple enough to grasp for everyone reading these words, but the key component is execution. It’s going to take sustained and massive hard work to overcome people’s objections about cryptocurrency. Older investors, in particular, are likely to continue to shy away from technology they don’t understand. Adding complex features gets altcoins no closer to mass acceptance. People have enough complexity in their life and won’t choose to add more just for the sake of having to learn new systems that aren’t intuitive.

The Trolls And Haters Got To Go

There’s no way around it. People who are constantly aggressive and attacking in their postures and rude to everyone have become casually accustomed to acting like complete buffoons everywhere in the altcoin sector. They have not been disciplined by forums who are so desperate for a trickle of traffic that they’ll look the other way while ‘Hero Members‘ spout off with nonsensical rants. The trouble is, rational people hate this approach. The intelligent and sensitive type of people are not flocking to cryptocurrency. Where are the artists, playwrights, and musicians? They are a small minority. Instead, the majority of altcoin participants are do-nothings who are more than willing to slam the work of others without a second’s thought of what impact that will have. Every time they pull this crap, they create an army of secret enemies who could have been allies. Each time they rant and rave negatively, the potential for altcoins is diminished that much more.

In order for cryptocurrency to advance, a basic code of conduct will need to be established. Otherwise, the level of communications will remain so poor that only more of the same type of people will be attracted to altcoins.

There’s little doubt in my mind that altcoins are reaching a critical juncture. Without progress, crypto can end up being a fad that passes out of existence. It’s only through constant devotion and dedication that any movement can become great. There’s still time for that happen with altcoins, but it’s only going to happen if people are willing to ask the question: “Where’s the new business?

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  • Gizfreak

    And once again I’m astound by the unprejudiced and objective view on crypto you present in an article.
    The trend you describe is just like I experience. It really is time for a different attitude and fresh customers.

    • Crypto Gotti

      We got to have new people soon or we are all out on the streets!

  • https://cointopay.com Cointopay.com

    Well, there is just so many coins a man can take! No, but really good piece, we need to look at ourselves and think how we can contribute to the overall scene. In some way we lack funding to hire a lot of young woman.

    • Crypto Gotti

      Yes, hire hotties. It will bring in more customers.

  • Burt Wonderstone

    One word: ASIC

    They chased away all the GPU miners and now no one but ASIC miners care about crypto anymore.

    • Crypto Gotti

      So true. It’s a rich man’s game. Sort of the opposite Satoshi wanted.

  • John Moore