YPool Wallet Makes Managing Multiple Cryptocurrencies Easy

YPool Wallet Makes Managing Multiple Cryptocurrencies Easy

After a person has been around the cryptocurrency scene for any length of time they’ll quickly realize they have become involuntary wallet collectors!

YPool Is Fast, Secure, And Scalabale

Alternative cryptocurrencies all use their own wallets, which makes day-to-day currency management a real drag on time and resources.

Even worse, if you download the wallets to your local machine you end up with a very cluttered hard disk while running the risk of downloading malware or a virus. You’re also solely responsible for wallet security. If your machine is compromised you can end up losing ALL your virtual currency.

In the event your machine is destroyed or lost, you could face being completely wiped out. This loss is more common than one might imagine and is a key factor in creating the ‘fear of loss’ that stops cryptocurrency from becoming mainstream.

An online wallet like Ypool removes these severe limitations while introducing numerous new features.

The advantages of using the YPool Wallet don’t end with these enhancements. Consider also:

  • Daily interest.
  • Fast transactions.
  • 2 Factor Authentication.
  • You can easily generate and manage of multiple addresses for each currency,
  • A one year history of all your transactions is kept.
  • The YPool wallet is optimized for mobile devices.

Since the YPool Wallet is a mobile-friendly, online wallet, you can easily manage your currency from anywhere. You are no longer chained to one location or device. Feel free to travel the world, content in the knowledge that not only is your cryptocurrency safe and sound, but you can easily get to it no matter where you are!

YPool Wallet was strenuously tested for security, speed, and reliability before leaving open beta. The robust service is designed to stand the test of time and is highly scalable. YPool earns high marks for a continuous record of excellence that will help them become a market leader.

The YPool Wallet Is Safe, Secure, And Available From Anywhere!

YPool Is So Easy Anyone Can Use It!

The YPool Wallet is extremely easy to use and requires no cryptocurrency experience in order to make the most out of the system. In fact, anyone who can manage an email account can manage multiple cryptocurrency wallets using YPool. There’s no longer any valid excuses for even the ‘newest newbie’ to avoid having a cryptocurrency multi-wallet. Click here to get yours now.

Right now Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Primecoin, BitShares PTS and Riecoin are all supported currencies on the YPool platform. YPool plans to add more cryptocurrencies going forward which will make the service more usable to a wider base of global crypto enthusiasts. For those interested in the development of cryptocurrency and related services, YPool offers API access, which allows motivated programmers to extend the functionality and integrate this unique wallet service.

Cryptocurrency can only become valuable if people use it as often as possible. A multi-wallet in an online environment like YPool is the type of service that helps spur growth because of simplicity and availability. The average person has no interest in learning complex commands in order to maintain a wallet bank on their own machine. In fact, there are numerous reasons this should not even be attempted. Instead, providing end users with a safe and secure environment for multiple wallets ensures those users will experience many years of trouble-free usage.

Check out Ypool here!