Zedcoin Memorandum Is Released

If you’ve been wondering about the fate of  ZedCoin - a Zombie themed Altcoin that was launched early this year, the dev has resurrected from his slumber with a new breath of Zombified air in hopes of bringing the coin back into the limelight - err - the darkness depending on which way you look at it.

Zedcoin Revival

Yesterday the dev released a new Memorandum addressing a number of concerns and plans for the coin.

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Among the proposed plans: 

  • Complete their website by June 1st.
  • Add staff to help with coding etc.
  • Rollout Re-branding
  • Reduce Block Size Rewards
  • Create Multipool(s)

Real or Perceived Threats to Zedcoin:

  • Flashcoins that draw attention away from Zedcoin.
  • A Multipool ‘Arms Race.’

To get all the details of this coin revival effort, you can read their Memorandum in its entirety here: Zedcoin Memorandum

Keep in mind Zedcoin’s motto is ‘Stay Calm and Survive’ so it will be interesting to see if the renewed interest in the coin by the dev actually does anything to move markets.

We’ll keep our eyes open for any other notable news on ZED and keep you posted.

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