4 Question Interview With Jason Curby Of NobleCoin

As a part of  our ongoing 4 question interview series, we speak with Jason Curby, the founder of NobleCoin.

NobleCoin (NOBL) was launched in early January of this year. Unlike other Altcoins that are available on the crypto scene today, Jason and his team are working diligently to build a stable (and Noble) Altcoin that’s focused on the ‘long term’ and charitable giving.

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Jason Curby Founder Of NobleCoin

We encourage you to learn more about this coin by hearing it straight from Jason Curby - the founder of NobleCoin.

Tell us how you got started with cryptocurrency?

I think like many people who got into this scene early, I was unhappy with the current system, saw where it was headed and the ‘apathy’ of many of my friends regarding our current situation. Reading a lot of alternative news sites, blogs, forums of various subjects and watching a lot of documentaries, as many of us do, didn’t help. I feel fortunate now that this led to exposure to BTC and cryptocurrency around 2010. While I didn’t get too financially involved (to my regret) I loved the idea and was drawn to the ideals it represented, so it was something I followed closely.

I had a lot of work responsibilities until late 2013 so I never put too much personal time and effort into anything crypto-related, but still kept up to date. By then I had a few BTC and two-dozen other alts that I mined on a single gaming GPU and had decided to hold indefinitely. Come 2014 I suddenly had a lot of spare time. I was between contracts and deciding what I wanted to do while sitting safely on about six months worth of savings. More often than not, I found myself looking at a new altcoin, sitting back and thinking ‘am I supposed to be falling for this BS?’. Figured I could offer something with more substance than what I was seeing daily. The rest is history.

Why did you decide to launch NobleCoin?

It simply came down to a few statements from particular coins that didn’t sit well with me. There was - and is - so much obvious manipulation, lack of transparency, completely unrealistic promises, and fake marketing going on. People are making so much money scamming and manipulating this scene that I figured there was plenty of room left for making money and doing it in an honest fashion alongside them. I felt, arrogantly so or otherwise, that I could launch something better, at least from a service and merchant standpoint. Initially I just wanted to make a coin that did its best to adhere to the principles that were meant to differentiate cryptocurrency from the current fiat/banking system. I didn’t expect it to hit it as big as it did in January. It’s grown up, down and back up again naturally to its current position.

What’s going on with NobleCoin right now?

Right now there are two more websites being built from the ground up. The first is for Steps, the charity/fundraising crypto-kickstarter that has a ‘Step’ for every charity accepting crypto. It’s very similar to your current crowdsourcing platforms. The second is for the Marketplace (unofficially being called ‘The Noble Road’). We’re taking our time to make sure they look and act like top-tier services. Staying ‘true’ to one of the original principals, we’re taking advantage of our current position to ensure these both stay at 0% fees indefinitely and accept only cryptocurrencies. They don’t need to run on profit, and the 12% discounts on products (Marketplace) as well as the 12% bonuses on donations (Steps) remain to entice people to take advantage of cryptocurrency and use it over fiat.

Alongside that, we’re working on professional PDF’s and booklets for both merchants and charities detailing cryptocurrency for newcomers and introducing them to NobleCoin services. There’s also the to-be-expected work of constantly reaching out to new merchants/charities. Once all this is sorted, we’ll be taking a breather before spending a month on the expected fork, test-nets and a very modern, sexy wallet upgrade (cosmetics and functions).

There’s also version two of ‘The State of Alternative Cryptocurrency’ in the works, making the original look like child’s play. Ideally it will reach 100,000 words or more in a couple more versions, and we’ve already touched base about professional publication. I’ll be working very hard on getting that published, because I intend to buy up a lot of NOBL with the proceeds.

What advice would you give to someone new to Cryptocurrency?

Don’t spend a dime for six months but act as if you had your life-savings on the line when reading the forums and learning about/getting involved with coins. Sure you might miss out on ‘the next LTC’, but the odds are highly stacked against you. Read my PDF then ignore everything I’ve said and read everything the other side have said. Make up your own mind from that point onwards. This place is just as dangerous as it is exciting.

As you can see, NobleCoin is striving to a higher calling than a lot of other Altcoins available to miners, investors and speculators.

Please visit the Noble Coin Movement website to download your own NobleCoin wallet, find supporting mining pools and exchanges where NobleCoin (NOBL) can be traded.

You can find Jason on LinkedIn as well.

Thanks Jason for taking the time to tell us your story - we appreciate it and wish you the best with your coin!

  • JDS1000

    Great Interview - Great Coin! We’ve seen so many coin developers disappear. NobleCoin holds itself to a higher standard…. I get confused why this coin is priced so low….