Private Cryptocurrencies Poised For A Climb (Darkcoin) (AnonCoin)

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Let’s face it: privacy is a VERY big deal for people. Many people who use alternate currencies do so because they are interested in security and anonymity.

Bitcoin does not support those requirements. New cryptocurrencies are arriving on the scene with the stated intention of enabling anonymous, untraceable transactions. Naturally these type of altcoins are going to be controversial. Some would argue that these types of coins will only encourage black market activities. Others will argue that are certain cases where anonymity is a life or death need.

I’m not here to argue these points. The coins are here to stay and there’s no turning back. For those who are actively trading altcoins, Darkcoin and Anoncoin are both obvious choices to consider. The volume for both is strengthening up as more people learn about the advantages of these altcoins. Take a look at Cryptsy volume in the last 24 hours.

Volume Is Increasing For Darkcoin And Anoncoin

Along with higher volume it’s common to see higher prices. Anoncoin has seen a nice price increase in the past week, as outlined by this chart.

Anoncoin Rising Nicely

Learn more about Darkcoin

That chart looks great for people who are looking to get in for short and mid-term holds. Anoncoin has a steadily increasing price based on rising volume. That’s a very good sign that ANC could be poised for a major move to the upside. In the next fee weeks, Anoncoin is going to integrate Zerocoin for increased privacy.

At the current time Darkcoin’s chat does not look as compelling, but the strong increase in demand makes it worth watching. Darkcoin and Anoncoin have numerous similarities but differ in their implementations.

If you think the world is ready for my private altcoins now is the time to research more about Darkcoin and Anoncoin. Both offer promising technology that could transform how people use currency.

Learn more about Darkcoin (DRK):

Learn more about Anoncoin (ANC):

2014 just might be the year of privacy-centric cryptocurrencies.

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