SummerCoin2 Rebranded As NAV - Navajo Coin - Foundation Established

There’s interesting news for holders of Summercoin2 (SUM2).

While the most of the world was busy enjoying the warmest season of the year, the dev team of SUM2 (formerly SUM - which released way back in April) were busy with a re-brand for their coin.

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But instead of following the numbering convention and going ‘Version 3,’ they decided to break rank and change the name to Navajo (NAV) coin.

Now holders of SUM2  pay homage to the Navajo Code Talkers. How these two tie into together is anyone’s guess, but the re-brand (after the last 2.0 version) has happened.

Navajo Coin

NAV Coin Foundation

No Altcoin re-launch/re-brand is complete without a foundation, and NAV is no exception to this latest craze. As per the re-brand announcement, here are the forward looking plans of the NAV developers.

 The Foundation was founded to improve Navajo Coin and let all it of its holders affect and shape the coin which they are holding and are a part of. We want Navajo Coin to be the people’s coin and unlike any other coin. The Fund will allow anyone to decide on their coin’s future by voting and choosing what to donate for. You can join Navajo Coin Fund simply by donating the minimum donation amount - 0.05 BTC to the Navajo Coin Fund wallet. The reason we have set this minimum is to prevent spam and make sure the people who shape this coin are ones that care about its future. Together, in the foundation we will decide on what we will spend the raised money and what are the priorities on which we should focus at the moment.

This coin refuses to die and underwent a  Version 2 makeover about a month ago.

Apparently a V2 resuscitation effort wasn’t enough to appease the coin Gods that hold the bags of this Swapped/Unswapped/V2/Foundation coin that is now known as Navajo Coin.

If you still want to get in on this coin, it’s traded under the symbol NAV at Bittrex and Poloniex.

Visit the ANN thread here.