Invasion Of The 2.0 Altcoins

Invasion Of The 2.0 Altcoins
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Trends come and go quickly in AltcoinCity… and the flavor of the day is always changing.

You’ve got to be observant to see these trends unfold - In recent past there were Country Coins, Color Coins, Foundational Coins and Animal Coins, that all swung into the scene.

Altcoins 2.0

But now it seems a new trend is emerging - 2.0 Altcoins.

What Is A 2.0 Altcoin You Ask?

That’s a good question.

A 2.0 Altcoin can be summarized as a languishing coin that’s being brought back to life - as a new coin - hence the version 2.0 part.

The 2.0 version is likely to offer a different algorithm - likely X11 or X13 - to provide a more popular algorithm to miners of the coins.

Some - but not all - V.2 coin devs are offering a ‘trade up’ option for people that are holding the V.1 coins.

When Do The  V.2 Versions Start?

From my research, it looks as if June might be a big month for Altcoin 2.0 Launches.

BlackCoin 2.0 (BCX); LibertyCoin 2.0 (LBX); and Summercoin 2.0 (SUM2) are due out on June 3rd.

SherlockCoin 2.0 (SHC2) launches on June 4th.

Time will tell if these re-vamped 2.0 Altcoins bring peace and harmony to AltcoinCity or if it will just cause more confusion for everyone involved.

We’ll keep our eyes open for important updates on these coins with a new twist.

Be sure to visit our Altcoin Launch Calendar for the full lineup of Altcoin launches taking place.


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  • Ruff Davidson

    So many garbage coins now. That’s good because it will bring out the very few good ones, they will become solid and the rest just chaff. Finally.

  • CryptoChick

    There are a lot of coins for sure. Will watch and see if these 2.0 coins have any validity at all in the next month or so.