BlazeCoin Seeks To Help Volunteer Fire Departments

BlazeCoin Seeks To Help Volunteer Fire Departments
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Firefighters Put Their Lives On The Line

What isn’t there to like about volunteer fire departments?

They help people when they need it most - when there’s a house fire, a car accident or a natural disaster.

Recently a new Altcoin - BlazeCoin (BLZ) - was launched in support of the Blazecoin Foundation.

The Blazecoin Foundation was set up in order to help volunteer fire departments using grants to pay for equipment and training.

Both of which are very expensive in today’s day and age.

Ambulances and Fire engines cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase, but in reality there’s no amount of money that can be placed on that of a life.

These heroes provide emergency services - available at a moments notice - to prevent loss of life, loss of property, assist in search and rescue missions, perform emergency medical services and work with investigators when foul play is suspected in a fire.

In the scariest of situations, they keep a level head and put other peoples safety ahead of themselves.

In fact, they regularly enter places that angels themselves fear to tread and sadly sometimes they sacrifice their own life in the line of duty.

How Blazecoin Helps Blazecoin Foundation

Blazecoin (BLZ) was launched in May 2014. Coin specs are as follows:

  • Scrypt Algorithm
  • Only 2 confirmations needed
  • Difficulty retargets every hour (which means every 120 blocks)
  • Total coins are approximately 2,065,000,000
  • 30 second block targets
  • Block rewards are 413 BLZ per block
  • Block subsidy halves once per year
  • First 100 blocks ONLY receive 13 coins - fair start

The Blaze Foundation plans to use the 1% Pre-mine of this coin to match funds during fund drives.

Where Is The Project At Today?

According to recent updates from the dev team, progress on Blazecoin is coming along nicely.

Blazecoin successfully added new seed nodes for better connectivity, all wallets (including paper) are available, mining pools are online, and the site is being worked on to provide all relevant information to interested parties. They also have a block explorer and a dice game.

The coin is available for exchange on and, with other exchanges in the works.

If you’re looking for a cause that does a lot to help others directly and indirectly, be sure to check out BlazeCoin.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, in IRC or at their website.

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  • Blaze Coin

    Thanks for the mention. We’re really excited about the buzz happening around the coin. We’ve got several press interviews scheduled to announce one of our first grants to a volunteer fire station in North Dakota that is having a hard time keeping up with the rapid growth in their area due to the oil boom.

  • CryptoChick

    Sounds like a good coin with potential for good. Hope this one does well.

  • Maksim Gavrilov

    Very friendly Cryptocurrency Blazecoin with bright future. This is very nice to see :)