It’s Easy To Mine Mintcoin To Get Bitcoin Or USD

Trading Mintcoin On Mintpal Is Easy

Getting Bitcoin can be tough for new miners (or anyone for that matter.)

Now there’s an easy way to get BTC. The system is simple and I’ll outline it in this post. Here’s a summary of the steps you need to take. As we’ve mentioned before, Mintcoin has some great perks for miners who get in early on this innovative altcoin. That includes the ability to easily mine for Mintcoin and then turn that MINT into BTC or USD. Here’s how.

  • Grab your Mintcoin wallet. You can get it from the official website.
  • Mine for Mintcoin. Check out Major Miners for a reliable Mintcoin Mining Pool.
  • Put your wallet address in your Mining Pool account.
  • Activate an account at Mintpal.
  • Create a deposit address at Mintpal.
  • Create a withdrawal address at Mintpal that points to your Bitcoin wallet. (If you don’t have one you can setup shop at Mt.Gox. That way you can also withdraw money to your bank account!

Steps To Take Mintcoin And Turn It Into Bitcoin Or USD

Use Your Mintcoin Wallet Effectively

Mining for Mintcoin is easy. Set your miner up to work with a pool. Add all your account information, including your wallet address and payment threshold. When you mine, Mintcoin will be sent directly to your Wallet. It helps to give the receiving address a handy label that will tell you exactly what’s happening. If your miner and your wallet are both connected online then you will see your Mintcoin wallet balance steadily increase every time a new block is discovered.

In the meantime, create an account at Mintpal. Mintpal is a fast, new exchange that allows you to buy and sell different altcoins and then convert them into BTC.

The work flow at Mintpal involves you adding a Deposit Address. Mintpal will generate a deposit address which you then input into your Wallet Address book. Give it a smart label like ‘Mintpal Deposit Address‘ so you’ll automatically know what it means.

Next, open your Mintcoin wallet. You should have LOTS of MINT since you’ve been mining. Click on Send and then your address book. Select your Mintpal address. Send whatever amount you want. You may want to conduct a small ‘test transfer’ first.

The Mint will take a few minutes to show up in Mintpal. After that it will take a bit more time for it to confirm. Once it does, you can now trade MINT into BTC. Simply open a sell order and sell as much MINT as you want. Once your trade is executed you’ll have BTC in your Mintpal account.

In order to transfer that BTC to your wallet, just add a Bitcoin withdrawal address in Mintpal! The confirmations will take some time (they did with Mt.Gox) but eventually your BTC will show up in your wallet. At that point, do the happy dance because you mined Mint for Bitcoin.

Mintcoin Is An Energy Saving Alternative To Bitcoin That Should Be Held

However, I urge you to make sure to not sell ALL of your Mintcoin. Mintcoin is an altcoin that encourages you to hold, because of it’s unique features. Check out the infographic below that outlines what’s unique and different about Mintcoin. Mintcoin is not just another Litecoin clone. Instead, the system is designed for energy efficiency, unlike Bitcoin.

If you haven’t already started mining or buying Mintcoin you need to make today the day you begin! You won’t regret it.

Mintcoin Infographic


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