Mintcoin Explodes And The Value Of MINT Soars

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Mintcoin. It’s becoming clear in the last 24 hours that I’m not the only one! Mintcoin has seen its market share rise rapidly since last night. MINT has now powered its way into the Top 30 at

According to that website, MINT now has a market cap valued at over $1.3 million USD.

Mintcoin Reaches Top 30 In Market Cap

Is this merely a pump and dump or does this recent price action reveal true demand for MINT? No one can say for sure at this stage, but it appears clear that numerous people are catching on to the energy efficiency and long-term benefits of MINT. Mintcoin is an altcoin that is made for holding, because you can earn interest when you do. That feature alone removes some of the urge to dump quickly for what could be a very small profit. Holding can’t hurt you.

Mintcoin Is So Hot Right Now

How Do I Get My Hands On Some Mint?

If you’re wondering how to get YOUR share of MINT, have no worries.

There are several ways to get Mintcoin right now. Let’s take a look at both of them.

You Can Still Mine For Mint

You can still mine Mintcoin. Find a mining pool like the one at and set your miners to work. Difficulty is currently around 34 but that’s going to go up. Mintcoin is going to get harder and harder to mine, so start now if you haven’t already.

Even though Mintcoin mining is getting harder, interest from miners doesn’t appear to be slowing down much. With the rapid price appreciation, it’s likely that won’t change in the next few weeks.

You Can Just Buy MINT

You can always head over to Mintpal and buy some MINT if you’re not a miner or the patient type. Put in a Buy order and start hoarding Mintcoin. If you hold the money in your wallet, you’ll be eligible to earn interest. That’s your MINT making MINT while you sleep, without any mining.

Every now and again an altcoin appears on the scene that captures the hearts and minds of people. Mintcoin appears to be that coin right now. There’s still plenty of time to share in the immense potential success for MINT, so get started today.