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Each day more altcoin exchanges are hitting the market. Okay, maybe not every single day, but there are a lot of them. What will separate these offerings from each other? In essence, websites that exchange altcoins into Bitcoins can only have so many qualities.

If an exchange misses out a particular ingredient, they won’t succeed.

If they do manage to succeed for awhile, they will eventually fall because of an important missing piece. This is the way of the world and the alternative cryptocurrency exchange service sector is no different.

Alcoin exchanges need the essentials all websites need to thrive. These are:

  • Good design.
  • Smooth workflow.
  • Security.
  • Volume.
  • Innovation.
  • Speed. Is Fast And Sleek But Lacks Volume Because It’s New

If any of these factors falls apart, there will be trouble. Take the case of (now in re-development). They had volume, but they lacked in all the other areas I just mentioned. In particular, they had major troubles with workflow and security, which eventually did them in. is a new offering that has taken its job seriously. They have a very good design, smooth workflow, and 2FA security. The site is also very fast. As to innovation, I think they may have some of that, too. In particular, I enjoy their use of ‘audible notice’ that a trad has occurred. That can really help, especially if your attention is placed somewhere else.

Right now is facing the same challenge as any new exchange. They need volume in order to attract the traders. This need can be summed up by the famous cart before the horse analogy. Without volume it’s hard to attract volume. That said, this can be overcome due the fact that this exchange is geared towards European traders and is actively pursuing coins and communities. They have decide to forego the ‘voting’ and are adding coins actively. That’s a great thing for new coins.

I think everyone reading this should definitely check out Register for a free account, add some BTC, and purchase some altcoins. Spread the love so the whole industry grows. is a strong new contender in the altcoin exchange arena is worth investigation.

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