CryptoAltEx Announces Closure

CryptoAltEx Announces Closure
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If you know anything about Altcoin City, you know that the environment can change in the blink of an eye.

Get Your Coins!

The latest casualty is the demise of the Altcoin exchange CryptoAltEx.

According to WHOIS records, CryptoAltEx went live in mid January of this year and offered exchange services in BTC, LTC and DOGE pairings.

They recently announced they were closing with this statement on their website:

CryptoALTeX will be shutting down soon. The volume and interest has not been enough to justify the time spent working on the exchange and missing out on our families. Please withdraw all funds and thank you for trusting us to hold your funds. - Chiznitz

Although it’s sad to hear they are exiting the business, it’s worth noting that they’re closing down with more class and consideration than Mt. Gox and CryptoRush - two other Altcoin exchanges that shut down unexpectedly and took all the coins with them  - earlier this year.

All users of CryptoAltex are urged to login and remove their coins at their earliest convenience to avoid coin loss/forfeiture.

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