AimCoin Misses The Mark - Is Moved To TrashCan Instead

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If you were getting psyched up about the launch of AimCoin - which was scheduled to take place on May 25, 2014 - just a ‘heads up’ the launch announcement thread at BitCoinTalk was moved to the ‘Trash Can.’

Aimcoin Moved To Trash Can

As most members at the popular forum already know, giveaways are not allowed at the site.

But the ‘dev’ of AimCoin threw caution to the wind and offered IPO investors the chance to win a $110,000 Audi shipped right to their front door.

If the ‘winner’ wasn’t interested in the reward of a luxury car, they of course also had the option of participating in the ‘Auction’ and taking the equivalent value of the car in BTC.

If you’re still wondering more about the specifics of this coin, here’s what they are:


  • Algorithm scrypt
  • (POW is done)
  • 30,000,000 Aimcoin Max
  • Yearly interest 3.5%
  • Stake age 5 days to 100 days
  • 32823RPC port
  • Car Giveaway

Despite having their thread moved to the Trash Can, it appears as if the launch is still scheduled to take place.

According to their site, the “Auction to Bid” on the car starts at 3:00 PM GMT - Aug. 30, 2014. And after this one is finished (in their words, not mine) “The next auction will be even more Mind-Blowing.”

I advice caution to anyone thinking about becoming involved with this Coin Launch.

Aimcoin misses the mark by defying all rules, even in the poorly moderated threads at BitCoinTalk.

To think they have anything more ‘mind blowing’ than the intention to grab BTC from gullible people  and run faster than Usain Bolt with their ill gotten gains is inconceivable.

As always, Caveat Emptor. Goodbye AimCoin.

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  • shocar

    With all respect, you have a very shallow analyses, bitcointalk moderators remove threads every day due to many reasons, but as one of the Aimcoin community, I clearly see this article as lacks professionalism and one sided , Aimcoin posted another thread, to explain what happened with no big deal, we are 15000 + members in Face Book, 1600 + active members at Aimcoin forum.

    Also the auction has been cancelled due to a legal issues but it was good adv for AIM.
    So please update you info so you can have some credibility .

  • Holdme

    AIM is an awesome coin, fair distribution and helpful Devs , I received my coins for free, you are totally wrong , I think you are paid to write this shit.