4 Question Interview With Rami Of GAWMiners

GAW Miners Rig

Altcoin and Bitcoin Mining wouldn’t be possible without the equipment and technology to make it happen.

GAWMiners is a US company based in Massachusetts, a leading supplier of Bitcoin and Altcoin mining rigs.

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In today’s four question interview we talk with Rami A. of GAWMiners.

Please tell us a little about the background on GAWMiners.

GAW Miners was founded toward the end of March, 2014 with a total of 7 people. The CEO, Josh Garza, has run multiple successful tech businesses and has come into this space with a mission to massively improve how cryptomining companies operate as well as making it easier for anybody to mine and use cryptocurrency.

GAWMiners has a wide range of products/services for Cryptocurrency miners. How do you differentiate from others with similar offerings?

Having quality products is just the start. What makes us different is why we’re in business and the quality of customer service we provide. We provide lifetime phone support, tech support, email & chat support team available 24/7 for all our customers. We’re always there to make sure our customers are happily hashing away.

How do you think the adoption of ASIC equipment changes the landscape of Bitcoin and Altcoin mining?

ASIC technology has entered both the Bitcoin and Altcoin industries and changed them forever. In a way, it alienated regular users because a person who wishes to mine must now purchase these specialized processors, otherwise they will not be able to compete whatsoever. It created a VERY competitive environment between manufacturers and for them it is now a race to arms. This causes technology to advance quickly, but also creates a problem for consumers who wish to mine and not be left behind.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges of the industry as a whole?

The biggest problem now is for consumers to see a ROI on their miners which quickly become trumped by newer technology within months. We recognize this problem and believe we have found a solution that is currently in development to be released this summer. Unfortunately, I can’t say much more about Project Prime, except that it is coming.


GAWMiners has plenty of great products and innovation up their sleeves for novice, hobbiest and serious Cryptominers.

They offer wholesale mining rigs to people that want to resell or buy rigs in bulk.

Serious miners can use their online store to purchase rigs from the comfort of their own home.

GAWMiners also accommodates clients that don’t want to operate their mining equipment from their own location with their ‘hosted’ solution.

With GAWMiners  hosted solution, no equipment is physically shipped to you.

Instead, your mining equipment is set up and maintained by GAWMiners staff. They get the rig up and running and take care of all the technical details so you don’t have to.

To find out more about GAWMiners and their product offerings, be sure to visit their website at GAWMiners.com

Thanks Rami for taking the time to participate in our 4 Question Interview Series!