Looking Back On May Altcoin Releases - Graph

Looking Back On May Altcoin Releases – Graph

Pie Chart - May Coin Releases


May - like all other months - was a great month to launch a new Altcoin.

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Using data compiled at our Altcoin Launch Calendar, we revisited 124 of the coins to see where they are at today. Here are our findings.

Inactive coins were determined by having abandoned threads or because they were delisted from trading exchanges.

71 out of 124 coins were found to fall in this category.

Active coins were determined by the thread still being updated by the dev and/or the community with news or other information pertinent to the coins existence.

23 out of 124 were found to fall in this category.

Unknown coins were determined by the content of the ANN thread. Unknown coins include Altcoins that may or may not be involved in a community takeover and threads where the ‘dev’ went into ‘Ghost Protocol.’

17 out of the 124 Altcoins analyzed fell into this category.

Not Launched coins are pretty self explanatory. These are coins that were announced but for one reason or another failed to launch. 11 out of 124 announced coins we analyzed fell into this category.

Not listed in the pie chart are 2 coins that ended up being scams. One of them was Emirates Coin - which lifted about 23 BTC out of ‘investors’ hands.


58% of new coins launched in May are already inactive.

18% of new coins launched in May are still active or are still being worked on/developed.

9% of new coins announced in May never even launched.

13% of new coins have an ‘unknown’ status.

If you combine Inactive, Unknowns and Never launched coins, roughly 81% of all altcoins launched in May 2014 barely made it out of the gate.

For Fun - Excerpts From Defeated Devs Via ANN Threads:

“I will lock this thread, this coin has no future, thanks for all your support and bye.”

“Ok we are give up, We have try our best for ***coin but still have so much problems. who want take over Please take it. We are not continues develope ***coin. Good luck, Sorry for Unhappy ending. ”

“Guys the launch is abort! The developer have a make a marry this weekend and not have the time for making the ***coin. When he is finished with the wife he will come back to make this coin.”

We hope that you enjoyed this short report and thank you for reading! We appreciate it!

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