GroinCoin Targets Crypto Pervs Who Enjoy Paying For Adult Websites

GroinCoin Targets Crypto Pervs Who Enjoy Paying For Adult Websites
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GroinCoin Is Coming

Did you know there are people who still pay for online porn? No? I didn’t either. Well apparently there’s still a huge adult market for people who love to pay for porn. That’s the vertical that’s being targeted by GroinCoin, a new entrant into the altcoin space.

So why can’t people use other currencies to pay for porn? Duh, they can! But that’s beside the point. This is Altcoin City and in this place we have a Launching Pad that needs to be used. Understand? I knew you would. No matter what else you say about altcoins, an aversion to launching a new one is not a common trait. And people will jump on board. Why? Because there’s some chance that GroinCoin just might accomplish their goal of being the preferred cryptocurrency of whackers worldwide. If that happens, there’s some real money in it!

Coin Specs:

  • Total Available Coins: 512,000,000 (512 million)
  • Coins/Block: 1,024 coins (Halved every 128,000 blocks)
  • Block Time: 2.5 minutes
  • Difficulty Re-target: Every 10 blocks (DGW)
  • Confirmations: 6 confirmations
  • Pre-mine: Less than 1.0% - (For bonus, bounties, giveaways, faucets, etc.)

The launch for GroinCoin was delayed yesterday and set for 24 hours later. So far the coin has still not launched. GroinCoinGuy stated, “Yes, we hope to have things back to normal to re-launch Wednesday afternoon (USA).

Right now it’s currently afternoon in the U.S. and still no sign of GroinCoin. Keep your eyes focused on their ANN thread for movement.

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