IcebergCoin (ICB) Keeps Your Equipment Cool!

With summer in full swing, it comes as no surprise that people are looking for Altcoins with efficient and cooler algorithms to beat the heat.

IcebergCoin - Coin Symbol ICB - seeks to deliver what Cryptominers are looking for. A hashing algorithm that runs cooler than other algos being used today.

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The blended algo they’ve chosen is NIST5, which incorporates BLAKE - Grøstl; JH; Keccak and Skein. This is the same algorithm used by TALK.

The initial Coin Offer begins today through Bittrex. In the event that the coin doesn’t launch, all funds will be returned, minimizing risk to anyone that decides to get involved.

Iceberg Coin Starts The Climb

All funds collected in the ICO will be used to promote and publicize the coin. All unsold coins will be destroyed.

Once the ICO has closed, the coin will be opened for miners to mine.

At the time of this writing, IcebergCoin has strong mining pool support, with seven popular pools on board.

It’s estimated the coin will begin the mining phase around the 11th of July.

IcebergCoin also promises that it isn’t just for investors and miners.

As per their Whitepaper, they will giveaway 0.48% of the coin to the first 1000 people that support the coin in the ANN thread at BitCoinTalk.

Of course, there are terms and conditions that must be met in order to qualify, but it does give everyone a fair chance to get some ICB, even if they don’t have the funds or resources to get involved on a larger scale.

Like all Altcoins, Iceberg Coin will have to prove it’s worth - and have mountains to climb - in order to reach the summit.

We’re not saying that it will be an easy task, but with a courageous heart and bold determination anything is possible!

Find ICB on Bittrex here