WhiteCoin Still Can’t Muster Wallet And ChunkyPools Is Under Attack

Chunky Pools Is Down From DDOS

Things aren’t getting any easier for WhiteCoin. The WhiteCoin Foundation (sounds impressive doesn’t it?) has been unable to produce a working wallet for days now. Worse, the multipool that’s run by ChunkyPools is down again. This appears to be the third day of major DDOS problems for that pool operator.

It’s hard to say what has sparked that level of animosity towards the coin, but it takes a great deal of resources to keep attacking one coin over and over again. It’s safe to say that having at least somewhat powerful enemies is now another issue that the WhiteCoin Foundation will have to face in its ongoing battle to maintain relevance.

What’s The Deal With The Wallet?

The original ‘Dev‘ of the WhiteCoin was known as YingYangTeam. Although the original ANN thread has been altered, there was a pre-mine which YingYangTeam dumped on the market at the first opportunity. He took off and the project was handed over to a ‘transitional team’ which was tasked with the responsibility of fixing code. As it turns out, YingYangTeam’s wallet code did not allow for proper ‘staking,’ which is one of the big selling points of the coin in the first place.

The new team took over on Saturday night and so far has been unable to produce a fixed version of their wallet for public consumption.

The Importance Of Testing

So far the only updates about the new wallets say they’re undergoing rigorous testing. Obviously, testing is good and needed. However, as days pass, one gets the sense that the early interest in WhiteCoin is rapidly diminishing. The two threads in the Alternative Cryptocurrencies Subforum at BitCoinTalk have died off significantly, as has generic Twitter talk about the coin. The coin still has life in it, but improvements to the wallet need to be done soon. Otherwise there won’t be a lot to rally the troops about.

ChunkyPools is proving what many have known for a while. There really is no such thing as effective DDOS protection when the attacks are large enough. As of this writing their homepage no longer pulls at all.

There’s No WhiteCoin On MintPal

Currently there is no BTC/WC market on Mintpal. It may be in ‘maintenance mode’ at the current time.

Update: MintPal has now confirmed what happened. Poloniex has also halted trading. It’s likely other major exchanges will follow. Be very careful right now! Leave your WhiteCoin in your wallet until more updates are made.

MintPal Confirms WhiteCoin Attack



We’ll keep an eye out for further developments.

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  • BertHarbinson

    LMAO so its not only a shitcoin but a scamcoin as well! Bunch of mongs throwing away Bitcoin into a coin that even the creator dumped and gaped at first opportunity. I guess they have no choice but to be blindly and religiously obedient to it since they put all their fucking money in it hahahahaha

    • http://www.newmoov.com New Moov Media

      So true. Denial is a powerful human emotion. The original dev running off with the cash should have been enough to scare people away.