Maxcoin Launch Delayed And Pandemonium Ensues

Cloud Mining Will Work For Maxcoin

There’s no question people are very interested in Maxcoin. The new altcoin was set to launch yesterday at 2:30pm but a rush of traffic to ended that idea. Their server gave off 502 errors as hungry miners looking to cash in on what could be the next big altcoin rushed to find information in the Announcement thread that the project developers planned to post there. The 502 errors caused a delay for at least one hour past launch time, angering some who had skipped work or stayed up late for the launch.

One of the big selling points of Maxcoin was that this altcoin would favor CPU mining over GPU. However, that benefit seems to have been crushed already as multiple users on Bitcointalk have already cracked the code for the SHA-3 hashing with cudaMiner and have their mining rigs ready to roll.

The developers stated that it was their hope that it would take some time to get GPU miners to work. This idea would help level the playing field since CPU miners generally struggle to get even a small amount of altcoin during most launches. Last night Maxcoin Project released this official statement about the delay at Reddit.

Can I Still Mine Maxcoin?

You will still be able to mine Maxcoin today using your CPU miners. What effect - if any - the GPU miners will have is uknown at this point. Perhaps team developers have a solution for the issue. If not, you can still get in fast and mine from the start. This strategy is assured to get you at least some Maxcoin. With the amount of interest their seems to be in this altcoin, it’s probably a good idea to get your hands on some from the start.

Cloud mining should work well, especially from the start. Check out this comprehensive guide on how to cloud mine Maxcoin. For relatively low cost you can begin mining. Remember, altcoin mining always offers easier difficulty and higher rewards early on. Those are good reasons to get cracking right from the very beginning. Mining also ensures there will be a bountiful supply of Maxcoin as the demand ratchets up.

Maxcoin Project said they will release mining software today ahead of the launch so anyone who is interested can get started.

Can I Get Maxcoin Without Mining?

Of course! You do not have to be a miner to get your hands on Maxcoin. You can purchase it at or

The choice is yours whether you decide to mine or buy. Maxcoin has caught the attention of a lot of people which indicates strong interest which will likely lead to impressive demand. 2014 is the year of altcoins, and this Max Keiser-backed currency could end up wearing the crown.

We’ll be back with more updates as events progress. Get ready to Max out your returns!

Author: darren

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