Need Hardware For Mining Or For Fun? Tiger Direct Now Accepts Bitcoins

Buying hardware for mining Bitcoins and other virtual currencies just got a little bit easier.

Tiger Direct Accepts Bitcoin

Tiger Direct Accepts Bitcoin

Tiger Direct, a major online seller of computers, hardware and computer parts, now accepts Bitcoin to pay for purchases at their website.

This announcement is actually great for anyone that has a Bitcoin wallet, even if they aren’t actively mining for the crypto-currency.

In a Press Release dated January 23, 2013, Steven Leeds, Director of Corporate Marketing at TigerDirect said,

“TigerDirect has always been on the forefront of alternative online payment methods and delivering the most convenient ways for our customers to shop. With individuals building their own high-powered PCs with parts offered on our site to mine Bitcoins, it’s a logical fit.”

Tiger Direct offers over  200,000 products including tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers, computer hardware, Surveillance equipment, TV’s, cameras, smartwatches and home automation technology that’s delivered right to your door.

People that are involved in mining Bitcoins or other virtual coins can pick up mining essentials such as AMD video/graphic cards, power supplies for rigs, CPU’s and Processors as well as barebone desktop computers and other supplies for mining.

People just getting started or with an interest in Bitcoins can quickly find  recommended equipment to get started.

Click here to visit Tiger Direct’s website and learn more about doing business with them using Bitcoins.

Author: Heather McLaughlin

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