Peace And Love Knits - Spreading Good Karma With Dogecoins!

Let me tell you - it’s been a brutal winter in the Midwest!

Peace And Love Knits Founder - Pascale Geha

With the Polar vortexes and multiple snowstorms we’ve experienced, it’s the worst winter season that I remember.

Certainly a winter that a warm, gorgeous scarf is a ‘must have’ item when venturing outdoors.

Because of my interest in Dogecoins, I was fortunate to connect with Pascale Geha, a lovely young lady that handcrafts knitted goods, including cowl scarves and wraps.

When I asked her more about herself and her scarves, Pascale said,  ”I was raised with the philosophy that love is an extremely precious commodity and that the world could definitely use more of it. I combine my love of knitting and a desire for universal harmony, to spread good karma throughout the world.”

Her knitted creations come in a wide variety of colors ranging from rich reds, deep blues, bright yellows to earthy natural colors.

If for some reason you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, custom orders are welcome.

They’re perfect for girls and women of all ages and add functional style to any outfit with ease.

Every scarf includes a ‘Peace and Love’ tag so they’re unlike other fashion scarves available at retail outlets.

Peace And Love Knits

Her vision of peace and love extends into the Dogecoin community - referred to as Shibes or Shibas - based on the virtual currency (Dogecoins) they use.

I asked her about what she liked most about being a shibe and she said, “It feels good to be part of a community of people who truly believe in altruism and selflessness - and we think it partners well with our philosophy of love and peace.”

In addition to her charitable contributions within the Doge community, she also donates 5% of her proceeds from her scarf sales to The Red Elephant Foundationan Organization that empowers girls and women around the globe through story telling.

Red Elephant works extensively to bring youth together to dialogue with each other and build peace. They currently have flagship initiatives in India and Pakistan.

Peace And Love Knits are available to purchase online at Pascale’s Etsy Store using Cash or Etsy Gift Cards.

To purchase using Dogecoins, please contact her at Twitter or her Facebook Page for more information.

Thanks Pascale for spreading good karma with Dogecoins and for making the world a warmer, more beautiful place!

Author: Heather McLaughlin

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