WAFL STOP Is Looking For Their First Dogecoin Customer!

Attention Shibes in the Bellingham, Washington area!

WAFL Stop Waffle

Did you know that waffles and Dogecoin go hand-in-hand?

At least that’s the case at WAFL STOP - and they’re looking for some lucky Shibes to be the first Dogecoin customers.

Tell Me More About WAFL Stop!

WAFL STOP was started by Kenny Spotz and Paden Newberry in Bellingham, Washington in June 2013.

It’s hard to believe that with waffles that are to die for, WAFL STOP has yet to make their first Dogecoin sale!

When asked about WAFL Stop’s decision to accept Dogecoin, Spotz responded,

“We got involved with Dogecoin after we started accepting Bitcoin in November 2013.

Dogecoin came out and immediately became a cool phenomenon.

We decided we would like to support the community by offering our waffles for Doge.

We are still waiting on our first Doge sale, but I’m sure it will come soon.”

When, Where And How?

Kenny And Paden - Ready For Business!

Their Waffle truck, cleverly designed to look like a school bus,  sets up shop and serves up waffles every weekend at the O’Donnell’s Flea Market in Bellingham, Washington.

They are available from 10AM - 3PM - or until they run out of batter - whichever comes first.

Shibes are invited to get their fill of gourmet waffles with traditional toppings - 100% natural maple syrup, gobs of whipped cream, pecans, powdered sugar and fresh berries.

If your hunger has you feeling more creative, they offer a lot of other great toppings - including Nutella, Mangoes, Pineapple, Coconut, Peanut Butter, Caramel and sauces too!

Premium and exotic toppings are just the tip of the iceberg!

WAFL Stop has specialty waffles where they  cook ingredients inside of  the waffle. A sample of their specialty waffles include:

The Pizza - which is basically a waffle with Pizza fixings.

The Hawaiian  - which has mangoes cooked right in, is topped with pineapple sauce, whipped cream and shaved coconut.

The Elvis -  Bananas fused with their signature batter and chocolate chips. Then topped with peanut butter, whip cream, and chocolate sauce.

Shibes that want to pay with Doge should expect to pay $4 -$6 USD or comparable Dogecoin for one of their specialty waffles.

In addition to their operations at the O’Donnell’s Flea Market, Kenny and Paden also offering catering services, just in case you want to throw a WAFL party for your next event.

If you discovered them through this post, please be sure to let them know that the Dogecoin Herald sent you!

O’Donnell’s  Flea Market is located at 405 E Champion St, Bellingham, WA 98225. Click here for directions.

Thanks Kenny and Paden for making the Bellingham, Washington area a more delicious place to live and for supporting Dogecoin!

Find WAFL Stop on Facebook.

Author: Heather McLaughlin

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